Do Under Eye Fillers Really Work To Treat Dark Circles

The evolution of dermal fillers have been a great benefit for those who are looking for something astounding for the skin. It’s numerous benefits out number any other aesthetic treatment that has been evolved till date. It treats wrinkles, fine lines and now even the problems related to under eyes such as darkening or extra bulge. People do have some claims about whether they can treat under eye dark circles or not. This article will give you the insights and will clear all the facts about fillers in Dubai and their use over the under eyes.  

What Are Fillers? 

Fillers are hyaluronic acid infused injections that are inserted into the skin for the rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin. It works by improving the texture of the skin by acting on collagen that is the active agent for the elasticity and tonicity of the skin and facial muscles. 

What Are The Areas That Can Be Treated By Fillers? 

Area Around The Eyes 

The fine lines and wrinkles that are found at the corner of the eyes can be instantly treated by the fillers. 

Ala Of The Nose

The point or the tip of your nose is basically known as the ala. In some people the ala of the nose is round and oval that is socially unacceptable. Fillers when injected on to the tip of the nose can help in contouring it and making it sharper and well defined. This is also known as liquid rhinoplasty. 

The Corners Of The Mouth 

As you age the corners of your mouth most probably start to show fine lines. It is one of the most displeasing facial conditions to see. Having them treated with dermal fillers can smooth them out and even the skin. The wrinkles and fine lines will gradually fade over time. 

Under Eye Bags

The fine lines and skin foldings that become loosened can be treated by under eye filler in Dubai . It gently defines the skin below the eyes and improves the collagen. This inturn means that under eye fillers can only treat the skin tags and folding that appear as a darker Shadow but cannot treat the pigmented dark circles.

Can Under Eye Dark Circles Be Treated By Dermal Fillers? 

A lot of people want to know if under eye fillers really work to treat dark circles. The answer to that is slightly questionable. Fillers work effectively on the muscular tonicity of the skin. They have said to improve the skin folding and tags that form below the eyes. On the contrary if the dark circles are due to increased pigmentation around the eyes then unfortunately fillers can have no effect on them. You need to go for a different cosmetic injectable in Dubai. 

How Are Under Eye Filler Procedures Done? 

The procedure starts by the aesthetician taking an overview of your entire face and mapping ,locating the areas that require fillers. In case of under eyes if the skin is very loose then multiple amounts of fillers are required however in case of mild to moderate wrinkles limited dosage can also be sufficient. 

Once the aesthetician has mapped the targeted areas gently he or she will then inject the dermal fillers under the eyes.Once the filler has been injected you will then be left to rest and will be looked for the signs of allergic responsesIf there are no reactions shown then the candidate is sent home with some instructions to follow. 

What Is The Cost Of Under Eye Fillers In Dubai?

Normally the under fillers cost 1200 AED for 1 ml but it can vary for every candidate. To know the actual cost of the fillers it is important that you book an appointment with the expert and then he or she will tell you better based on your requirements. 

The Bottom Line!

There is a world of difference in under eye dark circles occurring through pigmentation and through the skin folding.  under eye Fillers in Dubai can only treat the dark circles that appear as a shadow as a result of stretchy skin. In order to treat the pigmented dark circles you need to go for a different treatment.