HydraFacial In Dubai

Apart from the makeup, Good and healthier-looking skin really makes you beautiful. Our skin undergoes a lot. As soon as we step outside, Dirt, pollutants, and harmful ultraviolet rays wholeheartedly welcome us to the journey they promise to never leave us. Unlike other fake promises, this is 100% true as they are with us till our last breath.  

To get them off our skin, we do a little bit of skincare on our own, which can never be enough until we get a proper facial to pamper our delicate skin. The two most preferred and famous facials are Hydrafacial in Dubai and DiamondGlow Facial.

The choice can be really challenging of what to choose when comparing them to each other. 

Here we are making it easy for you to get their details. 

DiamondGlow vs Hydrafacial: Which Is Better?

Both treatments have their own benefits and work effectively well in treating the skin. The main difference is the Hydrafacial does chemical exfoliation and needs continuous care, while a DiamondGlow facial does manual exfoliation and is more corrective.

DiamondGlow, Does Its Name Do Justice?

Definitely yes!

As the name says, a glowy shiny skin awaits you!

The Black Diamond Hydrafacial is the best option for those who want a natural glow on a skin that feels like a palette of highlighter fell on their face. This glowing facial therapy deeply exfoliates and extracts the skin impurities using a Diamond tip technology with a closed-loop vacuum under medical supervision, leaving the skin smoother and luminous.

Clinical Goals and The Features

The luminous facial is based on manual exfoliation using diamond tip technology. Another fantastic thing is that medical graded serums are used to refine clogged pores, activate growth factors, hydrate the skin, and fade out the discolouration.

It is one of those incredible facial therapies that correct the active acne and treats the delicate tissues around the lips and eyes. 

The clinical goals of the treatment include:

  • Cleansing
  • Deep Manual Exfoliation
  • Extraction
  • Skin Hydration
  • Flushing out the free radicals and toxins 
  • Increased Blood Flow for the younger and fresher skin.

Can I Consider this DiamondGlow Facial for Myself?

Yes, you can consider this treatment if you have crepey dull skin. In simple words, it would be great to opt for a DiamondGlow facial if you want radiant, smoother and younger skin, as this slows down the ageing process and stops wrinkles from forming. 

Hydrafacial! Does it Name Do the Justice?

Yes, Absolutely!

As the name says, It’s time to Good-Bye, to a Desert Sahara-like Skin!

Hydrafacial works best for people with dehydrated and rough skin. The hydrating facial makes the dull skin Dewey, based on the chemical exfoliation with beneficial salicylic and glycolic acid. Hydrafacial removes the dead skin cells and loses the dirt-filled pores, making the skin fresher and breathing.

Cosmetic Goals and Features

A patented tool is used throughout the procedure. Only the tip or the wand gets changed in every next step. As mentioned, the hydra facial is based on deep chemical exfoliation with harmless acids. Customized boosters tailor each patient’s needs, reducing inflammation, improving skin tone and texture, and brightening it by fading the ageing signs. 

The cosmetic goals mainly focus on gentle exfoliation, extraction and cleansing, making it a soothing and relaxing facial all the time. 

It’s an all-in-one treatment that corrects all skin imperfections, focusing on dry, mature and acne-prone skin. 

Can I Consider this HydraFacial for Myself?

Yes. There are no specific candidacy criteria, but all the people whose skin bears a lot from the weather, environment, and internal health conditions are suitable for the hydrafacial. For people who want plump, profoundly hydrated and dewy skin, hydrafacial is here to make all of their skin wishes true because its effectiveness in reducing the ageing signs and correcting skin abnormalities is worth it.

Hydrafacial Dubai Price

Knowing about hydra facial’s incredibility and its exceptional benefits, you must be thinking that it would be at a much higher cost than the skincare treatments. Proving you wrong here, the Hydra facial Dubai price is much lower, just about 599 AED.

Skin Rejuvenation at Dynamic Clinic!

Filters make your skin look good, but have you ever thought of having naturally healthy skin? When your skin gets worse with acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines, sun-damaged skin and a lot more, you could only imagine having a clearer and smoother facial skin in your dreams only. But Dynamic Clinic will prove that dreams are here to become a reality! We offer exceptional and fantastic Hydrafacial in Dubai to have the skin of your dreams