Cost of Milia Treatment in Dubai

Where everybody runs after a perfect and blemished-free skin by seeking esthetic treatments there are still some candidates who are struggling with skin problems that occur internally.  Milia is one of them. This article will guide you on how milia occurs, what are its common sites and some of the prime and successful ways of Milia Treatment in Dubai that are routinely done in our practice. 

Understanding What is Milia:

Milia is a medical skin condition that is characterized by a small yellowish hue or, sometimes may even appear as white cysts manifesting on the face.

They usually form clusters and are commonly noticed in the facial area, especially around the eyes. Milia is irrespective of age however infants and newborns are most susceptible to milia. In some adults, milia are also visible as widely distributed patches all over the face.

There’s one thing about milia and that is, it is not harmful or painful. It is very easily treated and is best catered to our practice. We now have some exuberant and highly successful treatment modalities to escort milia and get over your concern for it. 

Common Sites of Milia:

Let us now see where milia is exclusively found: 

  •  Areas below the eyes.
  •  The eyelids.
  •  The ala of the nose.
  •  The area below the chin.
  •  Cheeks especially the zygomatic areas.
  •  Back and body.

The Etiological Factors of Milia:

Our specialists have conferred that the following are the major causes of milia especially in adults: 

  •  Genetically in origin.
  •  Constant use of corticosteroid topical agents.
  •  Certain environmental factors.
  •  Candidates or patients having any autoimmune disease.
  •  Excessive exposure to the sun or in patients with SLE.
  •  Any trauma to the skin that has led to severe injury or allergic reactions.
  •  Long-term use of medications like steroids or NSAIDs.

How is Milia Diagnosed? 

Before learning about milia treatment in Dubai let’s explore how our theme of specialists in the Dynamic clinic strive to diagnose it: 

  • At first, the specialist will examine the complete area
  • The next step includes drawing the blood sample from the candidate’s body and it will be sent for some viable tests.
  • Next, a medical procedure called a biopsy will be done to rule out any other severe medical skin condition

Milia Treatment at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

Here is a walkthrough guide on the milia treatment our experts perform routinely: 

Non Abrasive Excision:

In this technique the surgeon will remove the milia spots with a sharp scalpel and any fluid encompassed inside will be exerted out


Cryotherapy is a procedure in which liquid nitrogen is used to freeze up the deformed structure, here the structure is milia which can eventually lead to a mild blister formation that eventually fades off in a couple of days.


Acura Taj treatment involves the process of desensitizing the site of the treatment and then covering it up with a thermal wire. This thermal wire generates heat and eventually clears off the milia spot. 

Finding Out the Results of Milia:

The result of milia include the following: 

  •  A flawless skin with a clear surface.
  •  The radiant and exclusively white complexion.
  •  Decreased pore size.

The Merits of Milia Treatment at Our Dynamic Aesthetic Center:

The benefits of the treatment are discussed below: 

  • It is one of the highly successful treatments with proven results.
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem.
  • Has maximum outcomes.
  • The treatment is completely pain-free.
  • Does not have excessive treatment time ranging from little to zero downtime.
  • The skin becomes free of imperfections.
  • Probable instant results.

Cost of Milia Treatment in Dubai:

According to our specialist at the Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, milia treatment generally starts from AED 100 to AED 400 nevertheless, the cost is variable and depends upon the condition of the patient, the type of treatment involved, the seniority of the surgeon, and the number of sessions involved.  For more cost-related concerns please visit our clinic for a one-to-one discussion with the concerned person. 

The Preventive Measures of Milia:

Unluckily, milia does not have any preventive measures because it is an autoimmune skin condition that occurs unknowingly. However post-treatment care can keep its reoccurrence at a distance. 

 The Final Verdict!

 Get Over the Unwanted Spots

If you are struggling with a lack of confidence because Milia is hitting you hard, then a one-stop solution is to visit our practice and book yourself for a Milia Treatment in Dubai. Rest assured that our experts will provide you with a treatment that is skin-friendly and is done under strict hygienic protocols. We will be more than pleased to cater to you and address your concerns so that you can spark up flawlessly!