Dermatologist Treatment For Under Eye Bags

You know your makeup utterly looks disgusting if your under eye bags are not hidden properly. you can cover up your dark circles but the puffiness below the eyes cannot be concealed by any means. Layers and layers of foundation and concealers go in vain if your under eye bags are extremely large and swollen. Sometimes under eye bags are a reason for another underlying medical condition that needs to seek attention. If you are also facing under eye bags then it is better to seek help from a Best dermatologist in Dubai  like the ones we have in our dynamic clinic before it progresses to something more harmful.

What Can Be The Possible Causes Of Eye Bags?

Generally speaking eye bags are not just aesthetically displeasing but are an alarming sign of your body trying to send you signals about something ongoing in your body. The major reasons for the causes of eye bags include:

Lack Of Sleep or Over Sleeping For Continuous Hours 

Your body needs rest for at least 6 hours straight and so do your eyes. If they are under constant stress then it is very likely that your under eyes will inflate. On the On the other hand for a reason ours can also cause the water balance in your eyes do get disturbed and so the next morning you wake up with slightly bulging and puffy eyes

Water Retention In The Body

There are certain medical conditions like high blood pressure or urinary problems that cause water to retain within the body. In some cases this water is deposited within the shallow segment of the eyes hence making them appear as buy bags.

Excessive Crying

Crying for an extended period of hours also ends up in eyebags.  It basically occurs because of the lacrimal glands being tired in your eyes getting swollen as a result.

Reaction Of a Cosmetic Eye Product 

Cosmetic eye products sometimes have harmful agents that are not suitable for everyone’s eyes and they end up in having extensive eye bags. It is always advisable to check the expiry date of the products before using them.

Allergic Response 

This is similar to the reaction that can happen after using an expired cosmetic products or after any  external infliction such as a bee sting.


Eye bags that are of no known cause are often hereditary.

What Are The Treatment Options Of Under Eye Bags? 

Under eye bags are best treated by:

Ice Packs

Using ice cubes and rubbing them over the puffiness can be a great method to release the swelling and the redness. On the other hand it can also soothe up your eyes if you had a very tiring night.

DIY Home Remedies

Certain home remedies like cucumber paste and green tea bags are very efficient or under eye bags. All you need to do is just place them over your eyes before going to bed during the night .The next morning you wake up with fresh and non-puffy eyes.

Get Yourself Tested With A Dermatologist

If your eye bags are constant and do not go away with anything then it must be because of something faulty. Visit a dermatologist to rule out any disease, the dermatologist can also link you to the physician by marking the systemic disease associated with the eye bags.

The Final Verdict!

The first and foremost approach for any kind of hair, skin and nails disease is to seek assistance from a dermatologist. Our clinic is highly saturated with well versed dermatologists and you can contact us for the cost of dermatologist in Dubai. They will guide you to the correct and perfect treatment based on the condition.