Dental Headgear Cost in Dubai

During young age it is very common for kids to have improper bite and malformations. This can be commonly associated because of the misplacement of the jaws and the bones surrounding the teeth. Teeth problems such as overbite, crossbite etc. can arise due to the jaw and teeth misplacement.  The correction of the jaw is only done by orthodontic surgery however there is a better non-invasive treatment using dental appliances such as headgear. Dive into the detail down below about dental headgear in Dubai.

What is Dental  Headgear?

Dental headgear is an orthodontic appliance that is responsible for correcting a variety of teeth problems for children such as overbites, underbite and open bite. Its main goal is to correct the jaw positioning by making the movements via taking support from the head and chin.

The reason why headgear is used only for children below 9 years of age is because it is during this time when the jaws and the bones are easily molded or fabricated.

It was used conventionally and was an extremely effective appliance for the jaw related problems .You will be surprised to know that despite the diverse and more inventions in the area of dentistry, headgears are still in use because of their functioning and effective treatment.  

What Are The Types of Headgear?

  • Cervical pull headgear 
  • reverse pull headgear 
  • High pull headgear 

Some common dental problems:

  •  Oversized or undersized jaw
  •  Bite problems such as underbite, overbite ,crossbite deep bite
  •  Irregularly placed teeth

What Are The Problems That Can Be Treated By a Headgear?

Cervical Pull Headgear :

 The cervical pull headgear can be used when the upper teeth are slightly or overly ahead of the lower front teeth.

The cervical pull headgear in combination with the braces can treat the malocclusion. Teeth that are overcrowded can be treated by a cervical pull headgear.

Reverse Pull Headgear:

 A reverse pull headgear commonly has a thin sheet that is attached to the forehead and the chin .  A thin frame of face mask is present connecting the forehead and the chin.

 A reverse pull headgear can treat the lower teeth or the lower jaw  that are above or ahead of the upper jaw. Children who have a problem with crossbite are advised to wear a reverse pull headgear. A crossbite is a kind of bite problem in which the lower teeth are outside the upper teeth when they both meet together.

High Pull Headgear:

A high pull headgear has straps that are attached on top of the head, behind the head and the upper jaw.  Its main function is to facilitate growth of the jaw and improve the alignment of the teeth.  A  High pull headgear is very effective in treating open bites. An open bite occurs when the upper front and the lower front teeth do not meet when they are closed.

What Are The  Benefits of Headgear? 

An ideal Headgear is the one that can completely treat all the problems of the face and the bones of the jaw simultaneously.  Keeping this in mind we have a collection of the best dental headgears in Dubai.

 Here’s what we have to share about the benefits of  headgear: 

  •  Treats malocclusion
  •  Re fabricates and reconstructs the improper positioning of the jaw
  •  Maintains a perfect facial profile
  •  Treats and corrects the problems related to bites

What Is The Cost of a Dental Headgear? 

Dental headgear cost in Dubai usually starts from 2500 AED. The cost is fairly affordable so that the majority of the people can benefit from it. However, you need to consult the orthodontic department for the exact cost of the headgear. 

Pros and Cons of Headgear


  •  boosts confidence
  •  from words and enhances the facial profile
  •  treats the dental problems effectively


  •  the appliance can be huge therefore is displeasing to see on the wearer
  •  can be painful sometimes

The wrap up!

Wearing a dental headgear may be stressful because of the enormous parts it consists of. However the results of the dental headgear in Dubai are flawless and the final profile one gets is completely impeccable and worth the pain.