Dental Activators Cost in Dubai

 A well aligned teeth and a proper smile is everyone’s dream but what about an ideal bite?  You  can’t have a perfect smile alone, you also need a perfect bite. For that you have to give up on your habits that deteriorate the alignment of the teeth.However there are conventional yet effective methods by which your malocclusion can be reversed. To correct those imperfections we have dental activators in Dubai that are less invasive as compared to the other malocclusion treatments. Stay tuned to know more about dental activators & it’s cost in Dubai.

What are the causes of improper occlusion? 

An ideal occlusion is when the upper teeth are slightly ahead of the lower teeth however in cases of improper occlusion the upper teeth are extremely ahead of the lower teeth and the teeth present at the back also don’t rest in the proper position as they should. The causes of improper occlusion include:

  • difference in the shape and size of the jaw 
  • Lack of space in the jaw 
  • Retained milk teeth or early exfoliation of the milk teeth  
  • Certain ill habits
  • Using pacifier or thumb sucking in the early childhood years

What are the treatment options for correcting improper occlusion? 

There are multiple treatment options for improper occlusion however we believe that our patients receive the best treatments to get a perfect smile without any hesitation. For your ease of understanding we have divided the treatment options for malocclusion in two parts: 

  • Mild correction
  • Excessive correction

 Mild Correction

Improper occlusion that does not require excessive or lengthy time for the treatment comes under this category. Mild to moderate frontal teeth protrusion, deep bite.  Treatment options for mild corrections include dental activators,  aligners and simple retainers. According to our dentist’s recommendation dental activators in Dubai are the best in treating mild occlusion related problems.  

Excessive Correction

In case of extreme crowding , excessive protrusion ,spacing etc. Treatment options like metallic braces or orthodontic surgery are scheduled. 

What does a dental activator look like?

A dental activator consists of a bite plate along with attached wire that are placed over the teeth. The plate is present in between the occlusion and the wire is placed on the surface of the teeth hence aids in correction.

What is the procedure of dental activator placement?

Our specialized team of doctors strive to provide you with the best treatment with strict  protocols of hygiene and sterilization. The procedure followed for the placement of dental activators has the following series of steps: 

Diagnosis and treatment planning

It is very important for the dentist to analyze and examine each and every structure and part of your oral cavity. This is because the dental appliance which is to be created in the future will be according to the anatomy of the mouth. 


And alginate material is used for taking the impression of the mouth. It is important because the impression records the size and dimensions of the teeth and the associated structures of the oral cavity. The dental activator which will be made will be in accordance with the impression.

Placement of the dental activator

The appliance is inserted into the patient’s mouth. The plate is adjusted in between the occlusion of the teeth whereas the wires are adjusted on the surface of the teeth with pressure exerted on the frontal teeth that are protruding. 

The post operative instructions

The patient is told to wear the dental activator every time day and night but he/ she can remove it while eating. 

What to expect in the result after using a dental activator?

  • A perfect smile
  • Well improved facial profile
  • Proper chewing as a result of bite correction 

The Final Verdict

Though dental activators are conventional treatment their benefits are still exemplary and impeccable. You can call us or book an appointment with our dentist so that they can educate you with treatment and inform you about Dental activator cost in Dubai