Deep Skin Resurfacing with Erbium Laser Peeling

General Overview:

With the passage of time your skin starts to show a lot of the major signs of aging that include wrinkles, fine lines, skin sagging and loss of elasticity. Not everyone is lucky enough to go for surgical treatments for asking for rejuvenation or thread lifts. A less invasive and efficient treatment is Erbium Laser Peel in Dubai that has been very helpful in imparting skin related problems that are and mostly associated with aging. Our company has offered this treatment ever since it came into being and it’s successfully running in the entire Dubai.  Here is all about the album laser peel you should know before choosing it as a treatment of choice. 

What is an Erbium Laser Peel?

An Erbium laser peel uses the aid of a fractional rejuvenation through light or laser. The treatment involves multiple steps that are significantly subjected to improve the skin’s overall condition and give it a more healthier, wrinkle free and smooth look.

The core of the treatment is to impart Fine Lines and Wrinkles that is fairly not possible by any of the treatment. The reason why it is so successful running is because of its minimally least invasive nature.

The Fractionated laser light that is used can be monitored and controlled and will be emitted based on the challenges of the skin and its condition along with the age of the patient.

What is the Mode of Action of an Erbium Laser?

The erbium laser technique  is a fractionated laser light that targets the areas of the skin that require Skin Rejuvenation from the perspective of age. 

The laser peels work effectively for all kinds of skin. Laser has the capacity to improve healing, includes rejuvenation and help the skin cells to regroup for the repair and overall skin maintenance. 

The heat that is generated is sufficient enough to induce the growth of collagen that is responsible for the elasticity in the dermis of the skin.

Once the skin receives the adequate amount of heat energy the production of collagen is stimulated on its own and the patient is now able to witness that the skin has become a lot more elastic and less saggy than before. 

What are the Benefits Erbium Laser Offers? 

  • Long lasting rejuvenation of this skin.
  • Deep skin resurfacing.
  • Improves the overall skin condition by making it less textured and smooth.
  • Imparts fine lines and wrinkles other signs of premature aging.
  • The treatment is quite rapid and effective.
  • Already skin friendly procedure, does not harm the skin on its associated structures.
  • Where the laser emitting light can be adjusted as per the skins condition.
  • Natural results that do not require any chemical infusion.
  • Easy zero to no downtime.
  • Uses the fundamental technology of erbium laser.

What are the Steps Involved in the Erbium Laser Peel Procedure? 

The Erbium Laser Peel in Dubai & Abu Dhabi uses the following steps in the entire treatment

Phase One : Conditioning:

In this step erbium laser is brushed over the skin surface once and twice is there laser passes it helps in the skin to stimulate collagen and it deeply penetrates the skin the laser light is fractionated and the heat which is generic it is sufficient enough to bring about a normal and average conditioning into the skin. 

 Phase Two:  The Fractionated Therapy:

The previously deteriorated skin is then removed off through the fractionated erbium laser. tiny micro ablated pores or channels that will then be turned over by the new production of cells and healthy skin.

 Phase Three: Skin Peeling:

Once the full erbium laser light is emitted and all the superficial layer of the skin is removed the ablated skin is now removed along with the presence of imperfections. The deep heating in combination with erbium laser heads in the skin stimulation as well as making the skin a lot more tighter and also aids in resurfacing the skin. 

What Can you Anticipate in the Results? 

The results are likely to appear from the very next day of the treatment. By the 13th day of the treatment the skin will feel a lot more different from the pretreatment skin. It will be free of spots, imperfections and blemishes. The resurfacing will become quite noticeable and the fine lines will generally disappear. 

The Final Verdict!

Let your outer appearance uh sound and feel beautiful with the erbium laser peel in the pie . We have bean catering multiple patients regularly with this treatment and the feedback they have given us is quite overwhelming so give yourself a chance and book the consultation right now.