crowded teeth treatment in dubai

An ideal  smile is all about perfectly aligned teeth and well contoured gums.  Crowded, crooked, displaced  teeth are very displeasing to see and they not only deteriorate  the appearance of a person but also discourages the self esteem of a person.  Don’t let yourself down if you have crowded teeth because  we are now offering the best Crowded Teeth Treatment In Dubai with a  team of specialists.

What are Crowded Teeth?

crowded teeth is the overlapping of one tooth over the other . It occurs as a result of lack of space within the jaw. A prompt treatment can realign crowded teeth provided that the treatment should be very effective.

What Causes Crowded Teeth?

  •  A smaller jaw
  •  lack of space in the jaw
  •  multiple eruption of teeth
  • Eruption of the wisdom tooth
  • Retained milk teeth
  • Eruption of permanent teeth without the fall of milk teeth

What Are The Treatment Options Of Crowded Teeth?

The treatment of crowded teeth is no joke. A highly skillful specialist is required to correct it. The treatment options include:

  • Orthodontic surgery ( surgery of teeth and jaw)
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Metallic braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Damon braces

The most effective treatment of crowded teeth is seeking orthodontic treatment. Where as an orthodontic surgery is very complex and the outcomes are quite questionable.

An orthodontic treatment like the one we offer is very crucial and highly effective treatment for crowded teeth. You can call us for crowded teeth treatment cost in Dubai.

Here’s a little detail about the crowded teeth treatment done by our esteemed staff.

What Is An Orthodontic Treatment?

An orthodontic treatment corrects the imperfections and the alignment of the teeth. It straightens the teeth, relocates them and make it we aligned. The treatment is lengthy because it is based on the movement of the roots of the teeth.

What is The Procedure Of Crowded Teeth Treatment?

Before moving on to the crowded teeth treatment Dubai it is very important to book a consultation session with your orthodontist. The treatment planning in an orthodontic treatment is the foundation on which the entire treatment’s success and failure depends on.


You will be asked for X rays and initial pictures will be taken for record and studying purpose.

Impression and Size Record

The dental appliance will be made according to the exact measurements and dimensions of your mouth. For that the dentist will require to take an impression.

Placement of Dental Appliance

The metal brackets are placed over the teeth and a thin wire is run through them. The wire is secured with rubber rings to keep it intact.

Follow Up

The follow up in an orthodontic treatment is not an ordinary one. You need to be regular because in every follow-up the dentist will check the progress of the treatment and will tighten or loosen depending on it.

What To Expect After Taking A Crowded Teeth Treatment?

  • A perfect spaced set of teeth.
  • No more crowding and lapping of the teeth.
  • A wide shiny bright eyes.
  • A confident smile.
  • Better self esteem.

 Why Choose Us!

The reason why people choose is because we are proving we versed treatment effectively. All our crowded teeth treatment in Dubai is done by experts and we believe that providing you with an ideal smile is our main goal. Now book your crowded teeth treatment and slay with an eye-catching smile!