Cost of Post Partum Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai

The female body experiences a number of hormonal changes during pregnancy that can affect every part of the body. Due to hormonal shifts and physical changes brought on by childbirth, the genital region alters significantly after pregnancy. And some women may have a loss of vaginal tone, which causes the vagina to feel less tight. In addition, pregnancy and delivery can weaken the pelvic floor muscles, which can cause issues including urine incontinence and a sense of pressure or prolapse in the pelvis. Stretch marks can appear on some women’s skin around the genitals, especially on the lower abdomen, when the skin expands to make room for the expanding uterus. Since these changes are natural after the pregnancy but some women may feel concerned due to it. Get to know about the Cost of Post-Partum Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai.

What Is It?

Post-partum Vaginal Rejuvenation in Dubai is a non-surgical cosmetic technique intended to enhance the vaginal area’s look and functionality after delivery. The vaginal tissues may expand and relax during pregnancy and childbirth to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. This may lead to modifications such as vaginal laxity, a lessened sense of vaginal tightness, and diminished sensation during intercourse.

In order to treat these issues and return the vaginal region to its pre-pregnancy state, post-partum vaginal rejuvenation procedures employ a variety of approaches. Some popular techniques involve using lasers, radiofrequency treatment, or other non-invasive technology to tighten the vaginal tissues and promote the formation of collagen. These treatments typically take little time, are not very painful, and need little recovery.


The goal of post-partum vaginal rejuvenation treatment is to enhance the look and functionality of the vaginal region after childbirth. A simple method is using laser or radiofrequency devices to give regulated energy to the vaginal tissues. The energy causes the vaginal walls to produce more collagen, which has a tightening and rejuvenating effect. Increased collagen synthesis can help the vaginal canal regain its suppleness and tightness. Collagen is a protein that gives the skin and tissues structural strength.

  • Laser:

The doctor utilizes a specialized fractional laser in laser-based Vaginal Rejuvenation procedures to give regulated energy to the vaginal tissues. The body’s natural healing process is triggered when laser radiation causes microscopic damage in the vaginal mucosa. As a result, it stimulates collagen formation which is necessary for preserving the tissues’ suppleness and structural integrity. The rise in collagen helps to restore vaginal tone and tightness. 

  • PRP:

PRP is created by extracting platelets, growth factors, and other restorative elements from the patient’s own blood. PRP treatment works by promoting collagen formation and tissue healing. By regenerating the vaginal tissues, the growth factors in PRP encourage higher blood flow and better vaginal lubrication. The vaginal walls grow stronger and tighter as collagen levels increase, addressing issues with post-partum vaginal laxity.

  • Vaginal Mask:

After childbirth, vaginal masks encourage vaginal regeneration and wellness. These masks normally include a combination of moisturizing agents and natural substances with the goal of nourishing and reviving the vaginal tissues. The main method that vaginal masks aid in post-partum vaginal rejuvenation is through their moisturizing and hydrating qualities. Additionally, the components in vaginal masks may have calming and anti-inflammatory characteristics, which can be helpful for women who are dealing with inflammation or discomfort in the vaginal area after giving birth.


Aftercare measures are important to follow to ensure the best results from the procedure. Adhering to the following measure will help to provide more benefits

  • Refrain from using tampons and engaging in sexual activity.
  • Utilize mild, unscented soaps to gently cleanse your vagina to maintain optimum hygiene.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing that can aggravate the treated region and go for loose, breathable pants.
  • Do not use strong or fragrant feminine hygiene products that can irritate.
  • Make sure the vaginal region is well-hydrated by using the prescribed creams or moisturizers.
  • Refrain from using the sauna, swimming pool, and hot tub.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and severe physical activity.
  • Attend each and every one of your doctor’s scheduled follow-up appointments to track your recovery and handle any issues.
  • Inform the medical staff of any odd symptoms, such as lingering pain, bleeding, or infection symptoms.


The benefits of this procedure are:

  • Increases vaginal tone and tightness.
  • Improves vaginal lubrication and dryness alleviation.
  • Better sexual satisfaction and increased sensitivity.
  • Decrease in postpartum irritability and pain.
  • An increase in pelvic floor muscular strength may lessen urine incontinence.
  • Regain self-assurance and a favorable body image.
  • Minimal to no recovery time.

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