What is Acqualyx and how does it work

Most of the time, no matter how much we put effort into weight loss through tough diet plans or daily workouts we cannot get the results exactly as we want. It can be due to rigid fatty deposits which are much difficult to subside through exercises or some particular food routine. While facing this type of difficulty, seeking the appropriate medical advice is the best solution anyone can have. According to the majority of the experts, having stubborn fat in this 21st century isn’t a problem anymore. A long list of injectable procedures and surgeries available for this purpose. But here, we’re discussing the most popular injectable scheme Aqualyx Injections, because the majority demands nonsurgical practices.

Aqualyx is the most dominant non-surgical solution to treat stubborn fat in even those areas which are difficult to reach. It might be an ideal one for such individuals who’re already upholding a healthy lifestyle but still, you must be aware of some consequences associated with this technique.

In Dubai, it’s very common to have fat dissolving injections, people spare 15-20 minutes for their selves and get these injectable procedures to look attractive and beautiful with contoured body appearance. Anyways, please continue reading to explore what is Aqualyx & how does it work in Dubai?

What is Aqualyx?

Aqualyx is a gel-based solution that is made from plant-based components but when it comes to the Aqualyx treatment, it’s the perfect injectable practice for challenging every sort of fat around the rigid areas like chin, thighs, ankles, arms, and tummy, etc.

This whole process is specifically designed to target such areas that are hard to deal with exercises. It’s much safest than liposuction practice and doesn’t demand any anesthesia.

How does it work?

The technique behind Aqualyx fat dissolving injections is very simple and clear cut. A compound solution of plant-based ingredients is delivered into the directed areas by a trained doctor. A series of injections must be given for achieving preferred results. However, an expert holds accurate knowledge regarding the number of injections and the sessions that patients must attend. Although, the whole injection process would not take more than 20 minutes.

After injecting the solution into the fatty areas, Aqualyx injections in Dubai works by breaking down the stubborn fatty deposits which are then dissolved and liquefied in the body. Therefore, as the body metabolizes itself, fatty fluid gets eradicated easily.

Most often, it targets the smaller areas like the chin, hips, or stomach which are quite tough to deal with because it’s not the weight loss treatment, body contouring would be a suitable name for this injectable procedure.

Furthermore, if you’re considering getting this treatment, make sure that it’s the best suitable approach for you. Visit your nearest doctor, inform him about your aesthetic goals and medical condition to get appropriate advice.

How long will I have to wait to see the results?

After clearing the query of what is Aqualyx & how does it work in Dubai? Everyone might be interested in knowing about the results of this fat dissolving practice. Are they instant?

You will be needing to show some patience because the acquired results can take some time. Normally, there is mild swelling which doesn’t let the results appear instantly. It would take a maximum of three to four weeks to show the complete results after Aqualyx injections.

However, the long-lastingness of the fallouts is entirely dependent upon the lifestyle you choose for the rest of your life. Though, after having these weight loss injections, stubborn fatty deposits are gone permanently as long as you don’t gain mass. Limit your eating habits by avoiding the intake for excessive diet, it’s not much difficult as you think.

Anyways, they usually last for a maximum of one year or maybe more than this.

How much does it cost?

The cost of Aqualyx Injections in Dubai ranges from AED 1000 to AED 2500 depending upon the area to be treated. However, it’s the rough estimate of cost, the exact amount will be clarified after the initial session with the patient.

Get the UAE’s best Aqualyx Injections!

Dealing with stubborn fat can be challenging but due to Aqualyx injections, you won’t be a victim of having unnecessary fat anymore. Once you’ve experienced the treatment, don’t live the rest of your life with a fear that fat will come back. It won’t impact you until you maintain a healthy diet and of course with a healthy lifestyle.

Please make sure that the doctor whom you’re getting treatment is expert enough and holds the complete know-how regarding the amount of injectable solution and number of sessions. However, for discarding such fears, visit the professional consultants at the dynamic clinic, they can turn your visions into a reality.

If you’re still having any doubt or query regarding what is Aqualyx & how does it work in Dubai? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.