Common Reasons Behind Dark Circles

Usual dermal issues similar to dark circles may make you look exhausted and old. Although several causes contribute to their development, age, heredity, and skin thinning are the most frequent. It results in noticeable discoloration and darkening beneath the eye area. Lack of sleep is another typical cause of dark circles. Although you can attempt a variety of drugs, natural treatments, and topical creams to get rid of them, occasionally they won’t go away completely. They become a part of your skin tone, giving you an odd appearance. The individual must know all the Common Reasons Behind Dark Circles and give themselves a fresh and cool look. 

What is it?

Skin darkening under the eyes is called dark circles. Due to fatigue and lack of sleep, that area turns blue, making you seem older. The skin’s tendency to darken is caused by a variety of circumstances. Sometimes the black circles are tough to get rid of permanently.


Every person of any age is facing dark circles under the eye region. Males, females, young generation all are facing this problem. The graph of dark circles is increasing day by day because the factors that are causing them are linked to our daily life routine. The following are the common causes of dark circles

  • Genetics:

Genetics is the initial source of the darkening beneath the eye. It seems to run in families. If your father or mother has dark circles, you will almost certainly have the same problem. It is passed down via families via genes. 

  • Skin Thinning:

The skin around your eyes is particularly fragile. Skin thins with age due to a loss of collagen. Because of the thinning of your skin, the blood vessels and blood flow under your eyes are more visible. If you have thin skin, you are more prone to develop dark circles around your eyes. 

  • Lack of Sleep:

Insomnia is another factor that adds to dark circles. Inadequate or insufficient sleep is regarded to be the primary cause of the formation of dark circles. As a result, blood vessels under the eyes expand, resulting in blue skin. Furthermore, lack of sleep makes the skin paler, emphasizing dark circles. 

  • Allergies or Nasal Problems:

These disorders cause the blood vessels beneath the eyes to dilate, providing the appearance of dark circles. Because of an allergic reaction, the blood vessels in your eyes widen when you massage them, resulting in the formation of dark circles. 

  • Lifestyle Factors:

Your health and dark circles are impacted by certain lifestyle choices including smoking, exercise, and food. Smokers often have a higher likelihood of developing dark circles because smoking affects both collagen formation and general blood circulation. 

  • Sun Exposure:

When you go outside, you should wear sunscreen. Dark circles cause due to the sun’s damaging UV rays, which also discolor the surrounding skin. 


After the procedure, your healthcare practitioner will provide you with instructions. Following treatment, you should adhere to any safety precautions, such as

  • Avoid direct sunlight exposure. It has the potential to harm the skin.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin moisturized.
  • Get a good night’s rest, ideally 8 hours
  • Do not stress and keep yourself anxiety free.
  • Quit smoking to make your face condition better.
  • Use an ice pack on that area to minimize darkening.
  • Apply topical cream over that area.

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