Clip-in Hair Extension in Dubai

Attractive hair sets a standard of beauty for everyone irrespective of gender. Every person wants their hair to be stronger and thicker. And they also struggle hard to maintain it. However, if we look at present times, hair fall issues are becoming common at every age. Despite genetics, there are other different factors that contribute to baldness. The major cause is stress. Mainly, stress causes fluctuations in the production of hormones that are responsible for the adequate growth of hair.

Secondly, stress causes hair to stay in the prolonged resting phase which is telogen effluvium. In this phase, the hair stays in the resting phase for a longer period of time due to which hair fall increases. To hide their thinning hair and baldness, most people opt for conservative management which is Clip-in Hair Extension.

What is Clip Hair Extension?

Clips in hair extensions are extra hair that adds to your original hair to increase tiger volume and length. They are fastened to small clips that are easily attached to the roots of hairs without any professional assistance. These extensions are made either from natural human hair or synthetic fibers. Natural Human Hair Extensions are more natural and expensive while synthetic extensions are cheap as they do not give much resemblance to that normal hairs.


Firstly start the procedure by cleaning and washing the hair properly. Apply conditioner to hairs and you can straighten them by using a heating device. Then partition your hair using a comb and fingers and keep a section of hair away from the rest of your hair. Choose the hair wefts that are similar to your original hair color and lay them out so that they can easily attach to the hairs. Position all the wefts in the right manner so that the clips are not visible. It will give your hair a smooth and fine look and clips are not visible at all. 


The wefts of clip-in hair extensions vary in width and length and they attach to the roots of hairs. These clips are applied in layers starting from the bottom of the scalp to the above with the clips being open and closed for attachment of hairs. They are placed in such a way that the clips blend with the hair and give you a fuller and longer look. It is a popular and versatile method that allows the clips to open and close easily.

You do not face any problem in attaching and detaching the hair clips. It is not a permanent solution and you can undergo changes in the length, and color of your extension depending on your dress and mood. It is important to use these wigs according to the care and advice given by your manufacturer, if you follow all the given instructions these Hair Wigs can last for months and even years. 


The precautionary measures are important for increasing the longevity of results. these aftercare measures make the results effective and more apparent. These measures are suggested by your professional after you are done with the procedure. However, if someone does not follow these measures they fail to get good results. 

  • Gently brush your hair extension with a brush to avoid all the tanglings in the wig.
  • Be gentle and brush it carefully to avoid any damage and breakage. 
  • Wash your wig with warm water and add a small quantity of sulfate-free shampoo.
  • Immerse the hair extension in water and eliminate all the extra water for cleaning. 
  • Do not rub or tangle your hair and use a soft wide comb for brushing. 
  • Make sure that you protect your hair extensions from all external factors such as dirt and light. 
  • It is better not to expose your wig to chemicals, dyes, and heat. 
  • Hang your extensions carefully after using them. 

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