Chemical Peels for Dark Skin in Dubai

If you want to come into the spotlight but your dark skin doesn’t do justice then you need to know that it’s time for a change.  Facials and pricey salons are not going to do anything. you need to get your hands on the chemical peels for darker skin in Dubai.  Chemical peels are the ultimate solution specially for the candidates who want to improve their skin and clear the pigmentation.  The Dynamic Clinic is one of the well renowned clinics in Dubai that has been providing chemical peels and other facial treatments that involve the use of hyaluronic acid and trichloroacetic Acid as the main agents for chemical peels. They  collectively produce the best results and reverse the process of aging. 

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are procedures that use some agents like hyaluronic acid, trichloroacetic acid, Dermelan or cosmelan peel for removing the external layer of the skin.  This in turn purifies the internal dermis that is much more clear and free of imperfections. The agents that are used are subjected to be within the safer limits and should not exceed the legalized limits certified by the medical board.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Peels Treatment?

  • Apart from treating dark skin, chemical peels are also very helpful in clearing off hyper pigmentation.
  • The fine lines and wrinkles can also be cured along with the unwanted stretch marks. 
  • A lot of the candidates who have scars either due to acne or past surgical history can take chemical peels.
  • The best thing a chemical peel can treat are the dark spots and even skin tone that is very less likely to be cleared by any other method.
  • Chemical peels can also work on the damage done by the sun and shrink large pores. 

What are the Types of Chemical Peels?

According to the Dermatologist and esthetician, chemical peels are categorized as light, medium and deep. These are done based on the candidate’s condition of the skin and extent of the imperfections that are required to be treated with respect to their depths. 


The light chemical peel is essentially done over fine lines, wrinkles and mild hyperpigmentation . People with dry skin should opt for light peeling and it requires about two to five weeks of consistent treatment


Candidates who have an increased amount of hyperpigmentation with extremely rigid acne scars on their face should undergo medium peeling. On average it is required to take 3 to 10 months of consistency in taking medium peeling treatments for the desired results. 


If you are conscious enough for your dark skin because of extended periods of sun exposure or any other factors then a deep peeling can easily clear it off. The dynamic clinic releases affordable facials in Dubai UAE that include deep peeling. Note that feeling is very strong and it should be done only once. 

What To Expect in the Result After a Chemical Peel?

Once you have taken a chemical peel you should expect the following:

  • A better skin tone with an ideal texture along with improved color and pigmentation.
  • Growth of new cells that increase the blood flow.
  • Reduces the wrinkles and eliminate the premature signs of aging .
  • Restore the moisture and hydration of the skin.
  • It works like wonders especially on the cars that occur after acne.
  • Improve the absorption of moisturizers and serums by eliminating the congested or clogged pores. 

How Many Sessions of Chemical Peels Does One Need to Get ?

The no. of sessions per chemical peel depends upon the severity and extent of the pigmentation and imperfections. The sessions will be shorter for deep peeling and multiple for light peeling. 

Which is the Best Agent for Chemical Peels?

As far as the agents for chemical peels are considered hyaluronic Acid peels in Dubai are the best. They improve hydration of the skin and maintain the skin’s water balance. 

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost in  Dubai? 

Our dynamic clinic has introduced some amazing facial and skin peels offer Dubai. They range from 299 AED to 999 AED per session. However the cost may vary from person to person and the type of the peels they would take. 


Steal the show and flaunt in your skin by choosing the best chemical peels offered in the Dynamic Clinic. You will be amazed and would love the end results especially when you get it done with consistency. Call us and book your appointment now before the offer ends.