Chemical Peel Types | Cost of Chemical Peels

A healthy glowing and beautiful skin is now not a dream anymore. Chemical Peels in Dubai are a good solution if you are running out of time and want an instant Glow to your face. The agents used are authorised by the superior Dermatologist and so that treatment is also done by learned medical professionals. 

Here is a complete guide about chemical peels its type performance and the benefits you should surely know about and will leave you wanting. 

What Are Chemical Peels ? 

A chemical peel is a procedure of exfoliation of the outermost layer of the skin. It is believed that the outermost layer of the skin is composed of a lot of dead skin cells dirt and debris. As a result it contributes in making the skin dull dark and patchy.

In order to reverse this process chemical peels can be the right head and the work by improving the skin condition.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Chemical Peels? 

  • People who have extended periods of stay in the sun who get exposed to the UV Ray of the sunlight. 
  • UV rays form free radicals into the skin and so make the skin very dark and pigmented.
  • Women who have faced a lot of double toned skin after pregnancy and parturition
  • Candidates who have acne prone skin or multiple acne scars that are hard to fade away.
  • Candidates who have a very sensitive skin and often show reactions with facial serums and creams. 

What are The Types of Chemical Peels? 

The types of Chemical Peel in Dubai is based upon the depth of the skin. 


The superficial type of chemical peel is done on the exterior surface of the skin and not deep down.


As far is the medium chemical fuel is concerned it is done in Midway between the layers of the skin neither to deep nor very superficially. 


As the name indicates the deep chemical peel ensures that the agent has benetted down into the layers of the skin and the innermost debris is also removed.

The type of chemical peel is also done by the amount of the agent used full stop in case of superficial chemical Peel Miner amount of agents are used that will only work so professional as far as the deep type is concerned the agent use will preferable be greater in amount so that a larger amount of substance is absorbed down

What is the Objective of Chemical Peels?

The main objective of chemical peels is to reveal glowing skin and exfoliate the impurities that accumulate on to the face. 

The goal of the treatment is to clean the skin as a lot of the skin care products and cleansers fail to do so. 

What are the Prime Benefits of Chemical Peels? 

  • Healthy glowing and glossy skin
  • Radiant white and Brighten skin
  • A clear and clarified skin a free of all imperfections
  • Face all the dark spots and acne marks
  • Help in achieving a single skin tone
  • Brilliantly works on the dark patches and pigmented areas of the face
  • Help restore the long loss skin colour
  • Prevents the face from further pigmentation 
  • Leave your skin soft, smooth and supple to touch. 

How Often Should I go for a Chemical Peel? 

The number of sessions for a chemical peel used in Dubai depend upon the following factors

  • How does your skin respond to the treatment? 
  • How long does the treatment work for you? 
  • How well have you followed the post treatment care instructions? 
  • The agent used and its benefits whether it is long lasting or short term
  • What kind of climatic area do you reside in? 
  • Is your skin, oily dry or combination

What are the After Care Instructions Following a Chemical Peel? 

  • Avoid using any harsh cleanser on your face
  • Report if you notice any allergy or unusual response
  • Apply sunblock whenever you go out in the sun especially after a chemical peel section
  • Use a soothing lotions prescribed by a Dermatologist only
  • Moisturizer skin before bed using a gentle moisturizer.

An Important Consideration:

Depending upon the type of chemical peel either superficial, medium or deep you should take care of your skin. Even are  required to follow the after care instructions religiously.  Similarly those who have taken deep chemical peel should ensure that they follow a proper skin care routine during the day and the night as well. 

What is the Cost of Chemical Peels? 

The cost of chemical peels starts from 299 AED and ranges still 899 AED. Nonetheless,  the Dynamic Clinic is situated in UAE runs introductory offers packages and promotional offers around the year for chemical peels and other skin care related treatments. 

The Bottom Line!

Be the first one to grab the appointment for Chemical Peels in Dubai and enjoy its benefits. You will be astonished to see how young and beautiful your skin looks free of all imperfections.