Cheapest Facial Scar Revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi | Scar Revision Cost

Facial scar revision is a procedure done to reduce the appearance of the scar to make it less noticeable and let it blend with the surrounding skin.

Minimal scarring is part of the natural wound healing process. But keep in mind that very poor wound healing can lead to overly visible and unattractive scars.

About Facial Scar Revision:

Depending on size, location, and type (raised or lowered) of the scar, treatment options may vary. The most popular treatments for facial scars are dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, chemical peels, z-plasty, grafting, and Fusiform Elliptical Excision. Each of these procedures has its own cost, with more time-consuming, and difficult procedures being much higher. The right technique will depend on your requirements, doctor’s preferences and type of scar to remove. These will also affect the total cost.

What Is The General Price Range For Scar Revision?

The price range for facial scar revision varies greatly by the type of treatment, the surgeon, and the location.

On average, the cheapest facial scar revision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can cost AED 3500 and can range from AED 1000 to AED 7000. At Dynamic clinic, the cost, including surgeon’s fee and anesthesia charges, starts at AED 800.

What Makes Up The Total Cost?

Surgical scar revision should be performed under local anesthesia and in the accredited operating room. The total cost usually includes the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, initial consultation fees, and operating room charges.

Personnel’s Fee:

This so wide fluctuation in cost is due to differences in personnel’s expertise, qualifications, popularity, and background. The more experienced and trained doctor you choose, the higher the cost of treatment will be.

Type Of Treatment:

Price tag also includes the cost post-operative care and pre-operative care. It is also important to note that surgeries cost much more than non-surgical treatments.

Geographical Location:

Like other treatments, facial scar revision cost also depends on the location of the clinic. For example, scar revision is incomparable to small towns. It is also important to note that more experienced surgeons live in larger cities due to the availability of the opportunity and therefore they charge a lot more for their treatments.

Is Cheap Facial Scar Revision Worth It?

Cheapest facial scar revision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can have several causes. Doctors who have just started practicing perform scar revision at lower costs in hospitals to gain experience. But it should be pointed out that these professionals don’t have the needed experience to face challenges during the operation, so getting treatments done by them can be high risk. Another major reason for cheap scar revision is to perform many treatments in one day, which lessens the rate of the doctors and affects the precision and motivation too.

All in all, the best way to find out more about the cheapest facial scar revision in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, seek out several consultations. But remember: just because you spend more money doesn’t guarantee the best results.

How Can I Use Insurance To Help Pay For Scar Revision!

Facial Scar revision in Dubai is normally elective and are not covered by insurance. The best way to determine if you can use insurance to help pay for this treatment is through consultation with the health provider.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better understanding of the costs involved in the cheapest facial scar revision in Dubai. Anyhow, if you are interested in getting more information, give us a call (+971561772998) to schedule an appointment.