Causes of Large Pores and Possible Treatments

What are Pores?

Do you know our skin is covered with follicles? Shocked? But it is true. The small pores that appear on the skin are usually the openings of these hair follicles. In some people, they are more visible while in others they aren’t. Each hair follicle contains a sebaceous gland that is responsible for producing oil. The gland secretes oil (sebum) which is then accumulated in the Large Pores present on the skin surface.

Enlarged Pores:

When the size of pores exceeds the normal size, the pores are then called enlarged pores. It is a common skin concern that both men and women are experiencing nowadays. People with this issue have low self-confidence and their social life is also affected so the problem should be solved. Many topical medications are available but all of them produce temporary results so I recommend you go for in-office cosmetic solutions to overcome the problem. Large pores commonly affect people with oily or aging skin.


Prevent your pores from becoming large by keeping your skin hydrated and clean. Drink plenty of water and only use those make-up products that are suitable for your skin type. Wash your face at least 3 times a day to free it from all the dirt, pollutants, and bacteria.

Continue reading the blog to learn about the causes and possible treatments of enlarged pores:

Causes of Large Pores:

Most of the time the problem is genetic but can be caused by other reasons too. Five common causes of large pores are,

  1. Over-production of sebum.
  2. The natural aging process.
  3. Decreased skin elasticity.
  4. Sun damage.
  5. Improper skin care.


Suffering enlarged pores is not a medical issue. People get them treated just to improve their skin appearance. Several home remedies are there but large pores can be best treated by in-office cosmetic procedures with Large Pores Treatment in Dubai. You can choose one of the following methods to shrink your large pores,

  1. Microneedling.
  2. Chemical exfoliation (Chemical peels).
  3. Laser treatment.
  4. Microdermabrasion.


It is a non-invasive treatment of large pores. During the procedure, the dermatologist uses a derma roller, a tool that has several needles on it. The tool is moved over the treatment site which will create small punctures on the skin surface. These small punctures trigger the skin’s healing response and eventually produce more and more collagen and elastin inside the skin. The increased production of these skin proteins will shrink the size of the pores.

Chemical Exfoliation (Chemical Peels):

You can reduce the appearance of the large pores by chemical exfoliation. Exfoliation is the process of eradicating dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin. Most dermatologists use Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic or lactic acid to shrink the large pores. The procedure not only treats large pores but also fights against acne and uneven skin tone. You should look for an experienced dermatologist to get the best possible results from this treatment.

Laser Treatment:

The problem of enlarged pores can be solved with a laser. Laser shrinks them without damaging the skin but multiple sessions of Laser Treatment are required to get long-lasting results. It is the best skin rejuvenation treatment as it treats dozens of skin conditions in just one go. The laser beam, when directed at the affected skin, stimulates the production of collagen which then produces a remarkable improvement in the appearance of the skin.


Microdermabrasion procedure is minimally invasive but delivers remarkable results. Just like chemical peels it also works on exfoliation techniques. During the procedure, tiny rough grains are sprayed on the surface of the skin to remove the damaged layer and reveal fresh, healthier, and flawless skin.

Each large pores treatment has its pros and cons so consult an expert dermatologist to decide which treatment is best for you. 

Facts about Large Pores Treatment Cost:

We cannot tell you the exact cost without examining the condition of your large pores so you have to visit our clinic. Some cost factors of large pores treatment are:

  • Type of method used.
  • Expertise of the dermatologist.
  • Geographical location of the clinic.
  • Results the patient wants to get from the treatment.

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