Carbon Laser Peel for Pigmentation Treatment

Immoderate melanin in the skin is not good for its overall health. When exposed to the sun, the skin starts producing extra melanin that leads to dark visible patches on the surface. This condition is known as Skin pigmentation. It is harmless but due to this displeasing change, skin no longer looks beautiful. While sun exposure is the major cause of pigmentation, some other causes must be taken into account. Pigmentation Treatment can also be caused due to hormone levels, stress, medications, and certain drugs. No matter what the reason is that your skin has dark patches, you can treat it. The best way to eliminate pigmentation is to undergo carbon laser peel treatment.

Understanding Carbon Laser Peel Treatment:

It is an innovative skincare treatment that utilizes carbon & laser to free the skin from flaws. The procedure of Carbon laser peeling is painless, simple, and short. From the treatment, the individual achieves soft, smooth, and beautiful skin without pain. Laser triggers collagen production in the skin and carbon removes dead skin cells from it. As a result, skin quality is improved and it looks clearer and smoother. The treatment is also very helpful in removing scars as this laser is powerful and penetrates deeply into the skin.

How Does Carbon Laser Peel Work for Pigmentation?

The dermatologist starts the procedure by applying a carbon-based topical medication to the skin. This is done to remove dust, impurities, and dead skin cells from the skin surface. Besides removing impurities, carbon particles also tighten the skin pores. In the next step, the face is cleansed and the laser device is glided over the skin surface. Laser Carbon Peel Dubai removes the damaged layers of the skin and stimulates the growth of new and fresh collagen. As a consequence, the skin tone and texture is enhanced.

Returning home after your Carbon Laser Peel Appointment:

The time it requires to get back to routine activities varies from patient to patient. If your skin is too sensitive, you might be asked to take off from work for three to four days to perfectly recover. This aspect will be thoroughly discussed in your initial hospital visit.

Is carbon Laser Peel Permanent?

No, it is not a permanent cure for pigmentation or we can say that the effects of treatment are outstanding but temporary. Pigmentation can return after some time so you have to keep up on doing the treatment to maintain the results for a longer period. It is a good idea to have this treatment every few years to sustain the treatment outcome.

7 Other Real Benefits of Treatment Not to Ignore:

Carbon Laser Peel is a revolutionary skin resurfacing treatment that is safe and effective. 7 important benefits that you should know about carbon laser peel include,

  1. Wrinkles and fine lines end up with rough and unattractive skin, this treatment can eliminate them
  2. It is a good solution to the problem of enlarged pores
  3. Stimulates collagen and elastin growth in the skin and improves the overall skin quality
  4. Removes dead skin cells by peeling off the damaged superficial layer
  5. No pain or discomfort is linked to this therapy
  6. Can be used to make acne or injury scars less noticeable
  7. Recovery after carbon laser peel for pigmentation is no big deal

Wrapping up!

The number of sessions you may require and all other details of the procedure will be discussed in the initial consultation session so book your appointment now. Just fill out the form to schedule an appointment with us.