Can You Get a Hair Transplant to Make Your Forehead Smaller in Dubai?

Hair Transplant For Forehead Reduction? Read Ahead to Find out How it Works:

A large forehead makes anyone look aged. Both men and women are a victim of this difficulty. While it’s questionable to tackle this growing problem in both genders. Men mostly go through this difficulty due to hair loss whereas women suffer from this problem because of genetic disorders. To balance large proportions of the big forehead or receding hairline, Surgery, and Hair transplants are the most popular options. So which one to choose? Can You Get a Hair Transplant to Make Your Forehead Smaller in Dubai? To clear such queries, continue reading.


A Hair Transplant is the most preferred option for those who have a large forehead due to hair loss. But before experiencing transplantation one must need to wait until their hair loss stops.

However, it can also be a good option for women who have naturally large foreheads. They can consider this an authentic way to bring back natural hair to the front line without the need of concealing it through different hairstyles.

Plan Your Hair Transplant Carefully:

Plan your surgery first. Find the need behind hair transplant by having some necessary discussions with the surgeon. At Dynamic, our doctors pay special attention to deep analysis of patients’ facial figures and the best-suited amount of hair follicles accordingly. We understand patients’ needs as well as what suits them best.

The main focus of our surgeons is just to provide you natural-looking forehead. They carefully place the grafts in a proper direction that appears completely natural. With us and our professionals, you can be completely sure of your aesthetic looks.

Forehead Reduction With Hair Transplant:

Hair Transplantation for forehead lowering is an amazing technique to bring back the lost fullness in receding hairline. This method gives the most natural look because it uses an individual’s own hair. Can you get a hair transplant to make your forehead smaller in Dubai? Let’s proceed with the procedure of transplantation to find out how this query is approved right. The Hair transplant is carried out at our clinic under anesthesia (either general or local). The front hairline of the forehead is marked first with a surgical marker. By using some special instrument incision is made carefully on the backside of the head to spare required hair follicles. Next, hairpieces are implanted carefully on the bald forehead. This closes the gap and reduces the forehead height.

Is Hair Transplant Really a Good Decision for a Big Forehead?

There is nothing wrong to go for a hair transplant to treat a receding forehead. Indeed it has been the choice of thousands of people for years. This is the reason why the success rate of hair transplants for forehead reduction is so high. But before deciding anything, it’s imperative to arrange a prior discussion session with expert surgeons to find out if this is right for you.

Post-Care Tips:

Aftercare is important in preserving the best results of transplant. Take good care of your implanted hair by following the recovery instructions from the doctor. Typically it includes avoiding any strenuous activity for the first 72 hours of surgery. Apply topical ointments carefully. Try not to touch the implanted follicles. Hence maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding drugs and smoking as well.

In Conclusion:

A Hair Transplant in Dubai is the ideal decision for forehead reduction. Thousands of people enjoy the perks of a well-sized forehead through transplantation. Remember not to consider this procedure as complicated as scalp baldness. This gets completed even more quickly than traditional transplants. Can You Get a Hair Transplant to Make Your Forehead Smaller in Dubai? Hope you find this blog beneficial in finding the answer to this query. Still, in case there is any doubt get in touch with our specialists. We strongly encourage patients of all ages to come and attend our free consultation to find the right candidacy in their unique case.