Can Laser Treatment Remove Hair Permanently

It is a medical procedure that eliminates hair from the back, underarm, face, legs, arms, and bikini line. It is a great way to slow down hair growth and make the skin look smoother. So, here comes the most important question: Can laser treatment in Dubai remove hair permanently? Our skin experts are often asked for advice on this topic. Let’s proceed:

For some sufferers, this non-invasive treatment provides permanent or near-permanent upshots. Others may notice a huge reduction in the thickness of hair that grows back with time. Simply speaking, patients don’t achieve permanent results, but hair growth may be stopped for several years.

The Results Vary and Depend on Several Factors:

When receiving this treatment, the affected area, and the type of laser that is used greatly affect how long do the results last. Other factors that can affect the outcomes include:

  1. The type of hair
  2. Number of sessions performed
  3. The elasticity of the skin
  4. The type of skin

For example, if you have light-colored hair, the hair will probably not fully removed, and the results will go away far more quickly.

Tips to Make the Effects Last Longer:

Repeated Use Can Extend the Length of its Effects:

Getting laser hair removal regularly and frequently may cause the results to last for a longer period of time with each treatment.

Dynamic clinic’s clients are always delighted with the longevity they achieve from this hair removal procedure. Anyway, when you start having the treatment, you will need to maintain your results by having multiple sessions. Generally, it requires four to six treatments, spaced three weeks apart to permanently remove unwanted hair. But the number of sessions may vary depending on the type of results you desire.

Choose an Experienced and Certified Medical Aesthetic Practitioner:

This treatment requires the correct plus appropriate application of lasers for maximum effectiveness. So, check the doctor’s background and credentials before choosing him.

For Two to Three Weeks, Avoid Sun Exposure:

No matter what skin type and hair color you have, your treatment will cause bruising, swelling, and mild pain in the treatment site. However, excessive sun exposure can potentially make these side-effects worse. So, you need to avoid the sun and sunbeds for at least a month.

Don’t Tan or Utilize Sunscreen the day of your Treatment:

By tanning the skin, it’ll be difficult for the practitioner to find and target hair follicles, making the treatment less effective and increasing the length of the session.

Inform the Doctor About the Medications You Regularly Use

Though it is non-invasive, it has potential side-effects, especially if the patient is on any medication. So, if you use any medication every day, don’t forget to tell the doctor about it.

Don’t Rub the Treated Site:

Rubbing or picking at the treated site can affect the results so please avoid it.

Please note: While laser hair removal is relatively fast and effective than other hair reduction procedures, but the patient has still got to be patient. Positive effects show up after a series of five to six treatments and that’s definitely a long time to wait.

The Takeaway:

It is a long-lasting solution to unwelcoming hair. People generally enjoy permanent to near-permanent results after having it.

It should be pointed out the people with light-colored hair should try other hair reduction therapies because lasers don’t work well with them. In this case, Electrolysis, chemical depilation, and tweezing can help.

This is not a one-time cosmetic treatment, it is often sold in sets of four to eight sessions. Some people may also need 11 to 12 sessions to completely shut down hair growth but after this, the need for maintenance would be minimal.