Can Hair Grow Back After Balding In Dubai

A full head of hair is a sign of looking young. Because there is a misconception that we had a full head of hair. Then we are young and beautiful. Who doesn’t want to look young and attractive? Everyone wants to keep their youthful appearance for the rest of their lives. But because of genetics, hormonal issues, and medication. We suffer from hair loss and complete badness. Then we go for different home remedies and haircare. But these remedies can’t produce attractive outcomes. Then people look for Can Hair Grow Back After Balding In Dubai? Yes, the lost hair can regrow with treatment. Because many Hair Balding treatments are available to restore hair density. The nature of the treatment depends on the severity of your problem.

What are Hair Blading Treatments?

We provide a variety of Hair-Blading Treatments in Dubai. It includes stem cell therapy and mesotherapy hair treatments. PRP therapy is also the most effective procedure for hair loss. We perform with the utmost care and precision with our expert staff. They recognize the importance of your time and money. We offer in-depth consultations to identify the underlying causes of your hair loss. They help promote hair growth and stimulation with the treatment. Most therapies have obvious outcomes in a few months. The treatment prevents balding and restores hair volume and quality.

What are the Causes?

Baldness is a problem that many people experience in their lives. There are many causes of hair loss, but it depends on the health of the applicant. The following are the main Causes of Hair Loss:

  • Genetics:

Male and female pattern baldness both appear by hereditary reasons. These genes are capable of transferring through generations.

  • Hormonal Alterations:

Many patients experience hair issues because of hormonal imbalances. It can happen during pregnancy or by thyroid diseases.

  • Medical Problems:

Alopecia areata and trichotillomania are two medical diseases that can cause hair loss. Some people experience hair loss because of some treatments.

  • Diet and Stress:

Hair loss can be the result of stress and poor nutrition. These habits can lead to hair thinning and loss.

Treatment Options:

Genetic causes are the most common cause of hair loss. Male-pattern baldness is common in men after adolescence. Whereas female-pattern hair loss worsens with age. However, a bald area in the crown region of the head is the most prevalent. However, it is treatable with invasive and non-invasive procedures. The following are the most effective Hair Balding Treatment In Dubai:

PRP Therapy:

It is the best treatment for androgenetic alopecia. Hair follicle shrinkage is a kind of hair loss. In this procedure, a sample of the patient’s blood is drawn. Then it will be placed in a centrifuge machine for this treatment. The blood is spun at a high rate, causing its constituents to separate. The platelets are then removed and prepared for injection. PRP contains proteins and growth factors. It helps repair hair follicles and regrow hair.

Hair Transplant:

It is a permanent treatment for pattern baldness. Which affects the top of the head. Hair Transplants In Dubai uses your own hair for transplants. The expert removes patches of skin from the backside of the head. Then they will prepare for the hair implants in the target area. There are many types of procedures. But FUE, FUT, and DHI are the most effective procedures.

Laser Therapy:

It is a popular Hair-Blading Treatment for many applicants. The therapy uses low levels of laser to stimulate. And also activates a new cycle of healthy hair growth by renewing the hair follicles. Although this procedure is more expensive than the others. But it produces effective and durable results.


The expert will insert a series of painless, small injections straight into the scalp. Then they will inject a cocktail of high-concentration vitamins and minerals. Mesotherapy is helpful in encouraging the regrowth of thinning hair. The procedure is reliable for excessive hair fall.

Scalp Reduction:

It is an invasive procedure that reduces the balding area of the scalp. The treatment is reliable in covering the balding area. The skin (containing hairs) is relocated onto the top of the head. The procedure involves trimming bald spots in the target area.

Stem Cell Therapy:

It is a sort of hair transplant in stem cell therapy. But unlike hair transplantation, the process is non-surgical and less invasive. It entails extracting hair follicles from a tiny skin sample. Then they will insters into areas of hair loss together with stem cells. It produces long-term, hopeful effects for the patient.


The Cost Of Hair Balding Treatment in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 6,999 to AED 13,999. But they are not fixed prices because they depend on many factors. Applicants must consult with the hair expert about the cost. The following are the treatment’s cost-influencing factors:

  • The expert’s knowledge and expertise.
  • The applicants’ physical condition.
  • The clinic’s location and reputation
  • The selection of the procedure.
  • The severity of the target problem

Why Choose Us?

The Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic In Dubai offers advanced hair treatment. Because they follow the most up-to-date treatment options. They also have experienced Hair Specialists for the treatment. If you want to get the best outcomes, then we are the best choice. Fill out the form below and book a consultation.