Buccal Fat Removal in dubai and abu dhabi

Some people’s increased fatty substance deposition results in baby faces or chubby cheeks. They wish to display their buried cheekbone since they think it is an unsightly characteristic. By eliminating the fat pad located in the area of the hollow cheek, the cosmetic procedure of Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai is acquiring a great deal of popularity in this regard. The procedure is especially utilized to reduce facial fullness and produces a more improved facial appearance.

What is Buccal Fat Removal?

Buccal fats are fatty buildups in the lower cheek region that cause cheek puffiness and conceal the cheekbone and jawline outlines. The buccal fat is removed during Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, commonly referred to as cheek reduction surgery, to enhance the shape of the cheeks.

The most expensive procedure among those who care about their appearance is this surgery in Dubai. Your facial angels will be defined by this procedure’s sculpted and molded facial features. This surgery is also known as cheek reduction surgery.


The reasons for cheek fat removal surgery (Bichectomy) vary greatly from person to person. Basically, people with extremely fat cheeks can benefit from this therapy.

If you want to have this operation, keep in mind how you want to perceive your face and avoid trying to conform to any preconceived notions.

Generally speaking, if you meet the following criteria, you may be a suitable candidate for Bichectomy surgery; 

  • You are emotionally and physically stable
  • You have reasonable expectations.
  • You don’t smoke, and you’re anxious about how your full cheeks will look.

If you’re thinking about getting surgery, take some time to look at photos of your bisection (Bichectomy surgery) and see how the healing process is progressing. Being ready aids patients in maintaining their composure and having realistic expectations during the recovery process.

Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal: 

For anybody who cares about physical appearance, a slender face and prominent cheekbones are considered ideal. Following are a few justifications for undergoing a bichectomy or Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai;

  • For a V-shaped face with contours
  • the desire to seem leaner
  • To make your cheekbones stand out
  • renewed facial structure
  • due to acute face angles
  • Your face is symmetrical as a result.
  • The use of local anesthetic makes it less uncomfortable.
  • Having chipmunk cheeks or a baby face
  • You heal quickly and safely, and you may return home right away.

Actions to Take Before Surgery:

  • Candidates must give up smoking and drinking three weeks before the procedure, according to the surgeons.
  • The surgeon should be informed of any regular drugs you use.
  • Three weeks before surgery, patients are strongly urged to stop using inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

What Steps Comprise the Bichectomy Surgery (Removal of Cheek Fat) Procedure?

The following four phases make up Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai:

Initial Step: General Anesthesia:

During the surgical operation, certain drugs are given to you for comfort and pain management. Both general anesthesia and intravenous sedation are options. The option that is ideal for you will be advised by your doctor.

Cut-processing step two:

An incision must be made within the mouth or on the inside of the cheek for bichectomy or Buccal fat removal in Dubai. It is occasionally possible to remove the buccal fat pad during a facelift without making an oral incision.

Step 3: Stitching up the Wounds:

Sutures are used to seal the mouth cuts. These stitches will often fall out, although every plastic surgeon handles the procedure differently. For as long as the surgeon instructs you to, refrain from prodding at these sutures with your tongue.

Step 4: Assessing the Outcome:

Your face will seem more refined after having the Bichat’s lumps surgically removed, and your cheeks’ contour, particularly around the cheek cavity, will be more precisely defined.

After-Op Care:

Following the procedure, you will be given a few guidelines to follow for the best possible outcome. among the typical directives are;

  • Due to oral incisions in the cheek area, have a soft diet and plenty of water.
  • For a week or two, stay away from demanding work.
  • Keep your mouth clean to prevent infections.


An initial consultation enables the patient to express to the surgeon any concerns they may have regarding Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and to fully understand the procedure. A surgeon can also use it to learn about the needs and expectations of the patient. We provide our patients with a free initial consultation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai. Therefore, schedule an appointment right away to have a successful treatment.