Breast Enlargement Injections | Things You Should Know

Receiving Breast Enlargement injections is a proven way to make the breasts bigger, and rounder. In addition to increasing the size of the boobs, the proposed procedure helps tighten the skin. But because this treatment can do so much, it’s difficult where to start when exploring this treatment.

Is this breast augmentation procedure effective?

Breast augmentation injections enhance the appearance of the bosoms without leaving wide or long scars on the skin. It uses the patient’s own fat cells to produce natural-looking upshots. The end result is amazing, and long-term. It’s important to bear in mind that fat grafting does not work for everyone, patients should be in a good health to obtain the best outcomes from the procedure.

What to expect when getting a Breast enlargement Injection?

This treatment has been one of the most popular treatments around the world for the past many years. It can make significant changes in the shape and size of the breasts. Patients who received this treatment reported improved self-image and higher levels of self-confidence. The decision of getting breast enlargement injections in Dubai would be life-changing so it is advisable to make this decision after careful investigation.

Simple Tips for a smooth recovery:

These tips ensure a smooth and quick recovery after Breast Augmentation Injections:

Following your Breast enlargement injections, you can expect a few side effects. First, your skin will appear swollen or red. This is normal and affects almost every patient. The inflammation dissipates within 3-4 days. It’s strongly recommended to use pain relievers, and ice bags to get rid of this unpleasant condition more quickly.

You may be asked to wear a special garment for a few days after the treatment. These specially designed clothes ensure post-op comfort and quick recovery. They also help in giving the breasts firmness, and a new shape & size.

Avoid strenuous exercises and ask your doctor when it’s okay to continue such activities.

The doctor will give you some instructions regarding oral and topical medications. Use them exactly as directed. However, it’s important to note you are not even allowed to take herbal supplements without the consent of the doctor.

It is essential to use cold packs over your breasts for at least a week after getting the treatment. This helps in reducing post-procedure pain and swelling.

Get Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure performed by a trained plastic surgeon to deal with sagging in the breasts. It is an excellent way to make the bosoms rounder and more attractive. The surgery enhances skin elasticity & strength, and thus corrects sagging in the breasts amazingly. Patients achieve perky breasts for a lifetime so it is worth undergoing.

Some doctors may combine fat grafting with breast Lifts. This is done to produce maximum results without giving rise to sagging and slackening skin. The doctor will decide whether your treatment will be done alone or jointly.

Who should not get Breast enlargement injections?

The treatment is only approved for people who are healthy and above 18 years old. Some surgeons also consider the patient’s mental health to determine whether she is eligible for fat grafting or not. So, you have to consult an expert first.

In general, pregnant and breastfeeding women are not allowed to have this treatment.

What is the cost of Breast Enlargement Injections?

The cost of breast enlargement in Dubai & Abu Dhabi varies depending upon the number of vials used, the geographical location of the health center, and the reputation of the doctor. To determine the exact cost of treatment in your case, get in touch with our team members.


Breast enlargement injections are perfectly suited to people who are looking for a non-invasive treatment to restore volume to their bodies. The treatment does not need general anesthesia to make the patients feel comfortable, in general, local anesthesia is enough for it. However, recovery from Breast enlargement injections varies from patient to patient. Some patients take a couple of days to recover while others require one week to get back to normal life. However, swelling, bruising, and pain may appear in response to this treatment. Patients are strongly recommended to use ice bags to alleviate this inflammation. In addition to this, they have to quit smoking and drinking for some days following the treatment.

Now, I hope you are aware of all the benefits and risks of breast enlargement injections. You are in a position to make any decision for yourself.

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