Breast Cysts Treatment Cost in Dubai


It is natural to get concerned if you feel nodules inside your breasts. Once you are diagnosed with a cyst, it might sound scary. However, in reality, there is no need to get scared most of the time because breast surgery is always an option. There are various breast surgery clinics in Dubai that will aid you in the removal of these harmless, benign cell sacs.

What Does a Breast Lump Feel like?

Sometimes, movable fluid-filled lumps are created inside the breast(s) of women. Although it sounds concerning through the description, cysts are mostly non-cancerous. The said lumps will feel stiffer than the rest of your breasts. These lumps are of a pea-like structure. These are benign which means that they remain as lumps and do not replicate in a different area like malign cancer.

Do Men Suffer from Cysts?

Although it is highly uncommon, men do suffer from cysts too. This condition in men is known as gynecomastia

What Are Breast Cysts?

Breast cysts should not be a bane because, most of the time, they dissolve on their own. However, in case they cause pain or are recurring again and again, you must consult your doctor. There surely are treatments that can alleviate this nuisance. It is mandatory for you to visit or contact a specialist if you encounter this problem because it is only through a proper examination that your condition and its severity can be understood.

Are Breast Cysts Harmful?

Breast cysts are neither harmful nor deadly most of the time. Many people confuse breast cysts with cancer, whereas it is not so. It is highly unlikely to develop cancer through cysts; however, not impossible. This means that typically the movable lumps that you feel may be non-cancerous but to be sure, you must consult a doctor. The cause of breast cysts is the accumulation of fluid in the breast gland. Although experts are still unsure about the causes of this condition, most of them are of the view that hormonal changes may be responsible for this.

How are Cysts Different from Breast Cancer?

Usually, the cystic lumps are movable and soft, whereas, in the case of malign cancer, the nodules may be unmovable and hard. These are only some vague and general differences. It is only through the examination of a doctor that can one understand what condition it is. It is normal to have uneven cysts or more than one. Also, sometimes, both breasts may have them.

Symptoms of Breast Cyst:

  • Breasts might feel tender, especially when you are menstruating
  • You might experience pain
  • A brown or yellow discharge can be observed from the nipple
  • Inversion of nipples is a common symptom of this condition. In this state, nipples may turn inward
  • Sometimes you may also notice blood discharge

When Must You Visit Your Doctor?

If the lumps persist and keep getting bigger, it becomes mandatory for you to visit your doctor. Also, when the pain becomes intolerable, do not wait at all and seek professional help. It is also important to visit your doctor because self-diagnosis can be confusing.

Since cysts are painful and can worsen, many people would want to get rid of them. So, even if they are not harmful, some clients may be looking for treatments. They can be diagnosed by ultrasound and can be treated in different ways. Some of them, surgical and non-surgical, are discussed below:

Hormonal Treatment:

This treatment is usually recommended for women with severe symptoms. Hormonal treatment includes taking oral contraceptives to regulate the hormones, especially stabilizing the menstrual cycle. This is done because mostly cysts are formed during the menstruation cycle. Therefore, in order to eradicate the recurrence of these cysts, hormonal treatment may be opted for. Again, these birth control pills have side effects, so it is not for everyone.

Are breast cysts dangerous?

Breast cysts do not pose any harm, so normally surgery is not something that a doctor may ask you to go for. You can be recommended to get cysts removed only under special circumstances. Mostly it is recommended when symptoms worsen. For instance, if the breast cysts reoccur or if the amount of discharge is heavy or blood comes out of the nipples, surgery remains the only option.

Fine-Needle Aspiration:

In order to drain the fluid that is causing cysts, the fine-needle aspiration method can be employed. It is used to both diagnose and treat breast cysts. Since the reason behind cysts is a blockage due to fluid accumulation, the goal is to get these fluids drained. Cysts can regrow after this which means that this treatment might have to be repeated.

Free Consultation!

If you are concerned about the money that surgery costs, you can contact us, and know the breast cysts treatment cost in Dubai. On average, the price ranges from AED 4000 to AED 10,000. However, this varies from surgeon to surgeon. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic will contact our specialists to answer any query. Feel free to contact us and get a free consultation!