Botulinum Toxin Injection for Facial Wrinkles in Dubai

A botox injection is nothing but botulinum toxin. The use of botox injection will leave you surprised and thrilled. It has its major use in the area of aesthetic Medicine as well as therapeutic medicine. In the case of aesthetics, botulinum toxin injection for facial wrinkles is highly efficient. Our clinic also provides botulinum toxin injection in Dubai that has shown remarkable results in treating facial wrinkles specially for people who are more than concerned. If you want to know more about the botox injections then down below are some facts and details related to botulinum toxin  that will surely leave you convinced in getting your hands on it. 

What Are The Uses Of Botulinum Toxins? 

As mentioned above botulinum toxin has both aesthetic as well as therapeutic benefits the they are listed below: 

Therapeutic Benefits:

Lock Jaw:

Road traffic accidents often end up leaving a person having a severe lock jaw. This is basically because of the spasms in the facial muscles present within the jaw. It results in extreme pain and inability in the patient to move the mouth. Lethal dose of botulinum  toxin is sufficient enough to reverse the effect of spasm and release the facial muscle’s tension. 

Neck Spasms: 

Neck stiffness is one of the major reasons for neck pain. It is often confused with cervical pain.  However, botulinum toxin injection in Dubai can be very effective in treating the neck stiffness and giving relief from pain. 

Aesthetic Benefits:

Facial Wrinkles:

One of the biggest benefits of botox  injection is that it is a complete solution for facial wrinkles. Facial wrinkles occur because of spasms in the facial muscles.  Botox injection releases these spasms and as a result improves the appearance of the facial wrinkle. They work by improving the elasticity of collagen and turning out the muscles of the skin. 

Botulinum Toxin For Buttocks: 

If you are longing for a curvy and sexy body then you can get your hand on botox injection for buttocks. They also work on making the hips bigger, wider and fuller. 

How Are Botox Injected For Facial Wrinkles? 

We have a team of highly skillful aestheticians working with botox. Any single error can make the treatment go worse. therefore we have experienced and well versed aestheticians for carrying out the procedure of botox administration. Here is how the treatment is done: 

Initial Consultation:

Soon after your consultation with the aesthetician he or she will map the areas that require the injection. 

The aesthetic expert will make markings on the face where the injection is to be administered. 

Local Anaesthesia:

Since the treatment requires multiple pricking, the skin expert will infuse the candidate with a local anaesthesia to block the pain sensations and induce numbness.

Injecting the toxin:

When the local anaesthesia has become effective, the targeted areas are injected with the toxin. 

The after care:

During the procedures some tiny droplets of blood may ooze out from the sites . However, the staff members will continuously clean the blood. Your Aesthetician  will give you some after care instructions to follow that are very essential for the success of the treatment. 

What Is The Botulinum Toxin Cost In Dubai

The botulinum toxin cost in Dubai starts 145 AED will be best described by your skin expert because they will know better how many injections you will require for the desired results. 

What To Expect After The Treatment:

  • Smooth, tidy and wrinkle free face.
  • Fresh and beautiful skin.
  • A youthful face that will make you look years younger.
  • More confidence in socializing.

Which Type Of facial Wrinkles Can Botox Treat? 

  • The nasolabial folds.
  • Corners of the mouth.
  • The area around the eyes.
  • Frown lines on the forehead.

What Are The After Cares Of Botox Injection

As mentioned above the life and sustainability of buttock injection depends  upon how religiously you follow it after care. 

  • Avoid going out in the sun without a sunblock.
  • Do not use excessive facial cleansers that have chemicals in them.
  •  apply moisturizers during the day and before going to bed.
  • take your next session whenever told.
  • Do not scrub your face with any harsh exfoliator.

The Final Verdict!

All of our previous candidates who have taken botulinum toxin  injections have got their wrinkles treated successfully. They regularly visit our clinic for freshening up their treatment and for the maintenance.  You can also reach out to us or call us for the botox injection cost in Dubai