Botox Treatment For Gummy Smile in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Dynamic Clinic

Overexposed Gums? Gummy Smile? Get Botox!

A gummy smile is the type of smile where the lip resists high on gums. Showing too much of your gums when smiling takes all the focus away from the rest of beauty. It looks awkward, displeasing, and unattractive as well. This smile needs to be corrected in any authentic way. Despite the intense gum contouring surgeries all prefer non-surgical procedures.

While most of us assume Botox in Dubai as an only anti-aging treatment. But in reality, there are countless benefits of Botox. It tackles various medical and cosmetic problems in minutes. However Gummy smile can also be significantly improved with this injection.

Recently, research-proven the successful management of Gummy smile with Botox.

Get Botox Injection for Gummy Smile in Dubai from us at the most reasonable rates. 

So let’s start with the basic reason behind a gummy smile.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?

There are a couple of reasons behind this smile condition. One this for sure that it’s genetic problem.

The most major one is Gum enlargement or Vertical maxillary excess- This is the condition when the upper jaw grows excessively in the vertical direction. It leaves the spaces between the upper lips and leads to gum exposure while smiling. However, the incorrect angle of teeth, thick gum tissue, and short upper lip are also the prominent causes of this improper smile.

Botox Treatment for Gummy Smile:

Gummy smiles can now be easily treated with Botox. This smile condition previously required surgery with a lot of discomforts and long post healing, but now Botox has overcome this problem with its muscle relaxant technique.

Botox is injected painlessly over the hyperactive upper lips to release muscle activity. This ultimately minimizes the excess lifting of the upper lip while smiling. This way, over-exposed gums become invisible and results in a brilliant smile.

The best part of treating gummy smiles with Botox is that it tackles all problems non-invasively. Just a few minutes of treatment with some Botox dose will bring back the most appealing and natural smile you ever wished for.

How Long Does Botox take to Work for Gummy Smile?

Smile confidently with Botox Injection for Gummy Smile in Dubai. But well aware of its results first. They aren’t instant. You should wait for three to four days to notice improvement. However, complete results might require two weeks or perhaps less than this. During this period, you need to visit us for further adjustment if needed.

In general, 2-3 of its sessions are enough. Each involves one or two units of Botox, which is enough for smaller areas. In case you wish for any further unique changes, additional sittings might be recommended.

Considerations while Treating Gummy Smile:

Right before deciding to get this Gummy smile treatment, you need to get a proper assessment in this regard. Inform your personal preferences to our experts, disclose your medical history, related fears, and queries as well. This analysis will help you and your doctor in achieving the most desirable results.

This is a temporary solution but you can enjoy the permanent benefit from it by attending some best range for sittings. Inform our experts if you previously had Botox for anti-wrinkle injection. Besides, you must avoid alcohol consumption before getting this injection. There is no need to take off from work as daily routine activities can be easily continued right after treatment.

Don’t forget to follow the prescribed instructions from your consultant.

Gummy Smile Correction!

Don’t spoil your smile by showing off your gums. A beautiful smile is highly valued in today’s beauty race. In case you think your smile is unattractive or it’s exposing gums then don’t neglect it anymore.

Enjoy the most beautiful smile with Botox Injection for Gummy Smile in Dubai. Request your appointment with our experts for a complete understanding regarding this procedure.