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Be practical, and Don’t wait to lose weight. Making it convenient for you, Presenting for you the Weight Loss Program Dubai with Dynamic Clinic Dubai.We got your concern about the package’s cost. Let’s go deep into the details.

Weight Loss Packages Dubai:

Get in Shape:

It’s a two-staged weight loss therapy. This package helps you lose up to 6kg weight in just a month with 14800 AED.

The following leading and essential medical checkups and tests are conducted in the package:

  • Obesity hormones, including sex hormones
  • Omega Levels Check
  • Cardiovascular Risks Checks
  • Blood Sugar levels Check
  • Inflammation tests


  • Detailed examination and discussion for the customized diet therapy with our expert Dietitian (Face to Face nutrition coaching sessions).
  • Dietitian’s consultation, including body structure analysis (Fat Assessment).

Body Reset :

It’s a three-stage weight loss therapy. This healthy diet therapy works as a body reset, making you lose up to 9kg in just two months and costs 16000 AED.

The Body Reset package includes conducting the following tests and medical checkups:

  • Stress, Anxiety and Hormonal level checks
  • Cardiovascular complications
  • Blood Sugar level tests
  • Inflammation checks
  • Hormonal Analysis in excess weight gain


  • The body reset program begins with a clinical visit where the patient’s weight is examined, and the weight loss goals are evaluated.
  • One on one detailed examination and consultation with three board-certified dietitians and a personalized weight loss therapy are made.
  • The third and an incredible last stage has to offer a Skin Rejuvenation Facial Session, a final touch-up to make your skin look toned. 

Life Changer:

The name perfectly describes its efficiency. It’s literally a life-changing weight loss therapy which makes you lose up to 15kg in just three months and costs only 18000 AED.

It’s an advanced and revolutionary weight loss therapy which includes the following medical tests and checkups:

  • Checking up on the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.
  • Mental Disturbances like depression and anxiety cause weight gain. 
  • Hormonal metabolites.
  • Cardiovascular risks checkups
  • Diabetes markers
  • Inflammation markers 
  • Omega Level Checkups
  • Obesity Hormones
  • Advanced anxiety and stress checkup


It’s a three-phase procedure which is the best of all with fantastic features.

  • This life-changing weight loss treatment starts with two clinical visits, including a proper patient examination and then procedures are explained to them.
  • Better and the best of the rest, not two or three but four board-certified dietitians will be there to provide the services. 
  • When that much-awaited weight loss goal is near, the patient will be offered a free body firming and slimming session for a more improved and toned body shape.

Benefits of Weight Loss Programs at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai 

  • Maximum benefit in a shorter period(within months).
  • Free initial consultation for all with primary health assessment.
  • The client’s lifestyle, eating habits and comfort healthy foods are preferred; nothing is pressurized and forced at all. 
  • Totally personalized treatment. 
  • Each package has a suitable growth way, appropriate diet, and incredible weight loss techniques.
  • Board-certified and well-experienced dietitians’ services are offered.
  • Budget-friendly
  • The additional free touch up cosmetic therapy.

Burn that Stubborn Fat with the Leading Weight Loss Clinic Dubai!

Making goals without planning are just wishes; we want them to be true without doing anything. Don’t you remember the famous saying that “God doesn’t help those who are not intended to improve themselves”?