Best Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai

Kids and children have very sensitive skin and you need a regular and prompt Dermatologist who can look after the skin related problems as soon as they occur.

It is always important to pay attention to skin related issues in babies as soon as they are not possible because in future they can give rise to other problems that may become untreatable. Our Dynamic Clinic seeds some of the best pediatric skin specialists in Dubai who are well versed in dealing with any kind of skin problem in children. 

What Are The Common Skin Diseases Children Normally Encounter? 


The most commonly occurring skin problem in children are rashes. They can occur anywhere on the body but the skin rash and nappy rash is the most frequently occurring one. It could be as a result of continuous diapers and sometimes  improper hygiene as well. Babies feel very uncomfortable when they have and this is the main comfortable and miserable throughout the day as well as the night. 

Fungal Infections:

The scaly, rough ,muscular kind of patches you sometimes see on babies skin is nothing but fungal infection. It is a very painful condition and comes along with itching and discomfort. Again, fungal infections are most commonly observed on the areas around the private parts and they are very irritating and occur as a result of extreme moisture within the diapers. 

Hyperpigmentation And Hypopigmentation:

Some babies are born with hyperpigmented patches on their body. They are usually birthmarks or could be as a result of induced forcep the delivery. This pigmentation when not treated in the early years can progress in the future becoming more and more untreatable and problemattic. According to pediatric dermatologists in Dubai it is suggested that taking prompt treatments for hyperpigmented lesions is subsequently very important so that the child does not feel socially odd. 

When babies reach the age of 3 to 4 months they are very likely to develop hypopigmented spots especially on their forehead and around the cheeks. This can be as a result of a fungal infection or maybe because of any allergic response to chemicals. 

Eczema and Psoriasis:

Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin starts to become scaly, itchy and dry eventually making it more prone to further infections

Warts And Moles:

Warts and moles are not problematic unless and until you start noticing their size getting bigger or becoming painful. In some cases moles can be precancerous therefore it is advisable to get it checked with the pediatric skin specialist in Dubai in order to rule out whether it is cancerous or not. 


Babies sweat about 10 times more as compared to adults. This is because they have increased sweat glands in their skin. However if the sweating is more than regular then it is an alarming sign. 


Acne is not just the skin disease of adults but it can happen to babies as well. It could be infectious in origin but only a sound dermatologist can infer the right cause of it. 

Skin Treatments Suggested By A Pediatric Dermatologist in Dubai:

The following guidelines are some of the treatment modalities that are suggested by learnet pediatric dermatologist in Dubai:

Maintain Proper Hygienic Means:

Dermatologists say that keeping babies hygienic and using mild cleansers of low chemical content can keep bacteria and infections at bay. 

Antifungal Agents:

Antifungal agents like ketoconazole and hydrozole are very beneficial for nappy rashes and other fungal infections related to the skin. However, never purchase any antifungal agent over the counter and it is important to seek the consultations from the skin specialist in Dubai

Regular Visits To The Dermatologist:

Some Folks have the habit to immediately follow any home remedy for skin problems. Note that it is very dangerous and may trigger any other serious skin problems therefore it is always important to seek advice from a Dermatologist specially in case of babies because their skin is highly sensitive and responds very vigorously to chemical substances. 

Why Choose Us?

Our Dynamic Clinic is well saturated with well versed and top notch pediatric skin specialists in Dubai. Apart from that the environment is completely hygienic and staff friendly. Kids and babies are welcome with love and have a proper space. Our Pediatricians ensure that kids and babies feel safe around them.


If you ever notice any unusual lesion or presentation on your child’s skin then never ignore it and report to a pediatric skin specialist in Dubai immediately. Some regions can be cancerous therefore it is better to restrict their growth and seek the treatment at the right time.