Best Obesity Treatment in Dubai | Cost of Obesity treatment

Obesity is a pervasive problem nowadays at a very extent level. Obesity affects both men and women of all ages and has an impact on every element of a person’s life, from health to relationships. It has arisen as a global issue, owing to a widespread proclivity for poor dietary choices and luxurious lifestyles. In other aspects of popular belief, the most serious implication of gaining weight is not body weight or an uneven body shape; it is the resulting vulnerability to regular and life-threatening health disorders. This is why health experts stress the importance of addressing excess body fat before it negatively impacts your health and agility. On the other hand, it causes an inferiority complex, which leads to depression and makes you feel less confident in your social status but no need to get stressed, there are multiple treatment options If you are tired of strict dieting and heavy workouts, Just because you’re a fatty doesn’t mean you’ll have to put up with stupid comments and low self-esteem for the rest of your life. You need the Best Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai. you can get rid of extra fat through invasive and non-invasive ways.

The Aim of the Treatment:

The treatment’s goal is to bring about a significant change in body shape. It consists of a number of procedures that have a substantial impact on the digestive system. While some deny the amount of food that the stomach can hold, others restrict the number of calories and nutrients that the body absorbs. And some strategies seek to do both. You can choose any of them after consulting with our specialists.

Non-Invasive Treatment:

Endoscopic Weight Loss Treatment in Dubai is more effective than medicine at reducing body weight, but not as effective as bariatric surgery. The majority of people who have explored losing weight have tried the traditional methods of diets, exercise, and weight loss medications with varying degrees of success, depending on their specific circumstances. These tactics are typically advantageous in many ways, but the advantages are rarely sustained over time. Non-invasive therapies are now available that deliver better weight loss results than traditional methods without the requirement for surgical intervention or interventional radiology procedures.

CoolSculpting is Dubai’s very popular fat-reduction technique. This fat-freezing technique removes fat from the body and allows the patient to have a well-toned and contoured body. It is an FDA-approved method. It is reasonable to state that it works, as long as it is obtained from a reputed cosmetic surgery center.

Gastric Balloon in Dubai A non-surgical treatment in which a silicone balloon is inserted into the abdomen to restrict the amount of food that may be held. It helps you feel fuller faster. When not required, it can be reversed. It is suitable for those patients who are unable to undergo surgical operations.

More non-invasive techniques for reducing obesity are given below:

  • Lasers and ultrasounds for fat removal.
  • Cryolipolysis.
  • Radiofrequency treatment.
  • Massage for slimming.
  • Injections for Fat Melting

Invasive Treatment:

Aside from providing natural weight loss recommendations, we also provide innovative weight loss procedures to help our clients get a completely toned figure in less time. The following are the most effective weight loss therapies:

Gastric Banding:

It is a less invasive procedure in which a tiny inflatable belt is wrapped around the top region of the stomach to limit the amount of food swallowed. It also causes a loss of appetite. Banding can cause significant weight loss and improve diabetes, but the amount of weight lost varies widely.

Mini Gastric By-Pass:

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in Dubai aids in weight loss by altering the way your stomach and small intestines process food. Bypassing the intestines to a depth of 1.8 meters also lowers food absorption.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass:

This procedure divides the stomach into two sections and bypasses the bigger one, which does not store or digest food. It is a very safe and successful method, it is FDA-approved, and provides highly impactful outcomes

Gastric Sleeve:

The Gastric Sleeve Process in Dubai takes approximately two hours to complete. It removes the majority of the stomach in order to promote early satiety and decrease hunger. It is performed under anesthesia and shows quick recovery. It begins after the patient has been sedated. Surgeons make the appropriate incisions to remove the stomach’s bigger, curved portion. They also reshape it and properly staple it.


The cost of obesity treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 12,999, but it is not fixed. It depends on multiple conditions, like the selection of the treatment, the clinical location of the hospital, the severity of the fat, and the expertise of the doctor. These all factors can alter the cost.

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