Best cosmetic surgeon for facial scar treatment

Facial Scar is the most unwanted appearance that bothers almost every one of us. It usually occurs due to some injury, diseases, or poor healing of wounds. Not only this, but surgeries have also been found to be the most prominent reason behind this. However, in this 21st century having a scar isn’t a concern anymore as we’re providing enormous facial scar revision treatments.

Before we start exploring the best cosmetic surgeon for facial scar revision treatment in Dubai you should be well informed about its surgical approaches whether they’re suitable for you or not which you will get to know after reading this blog post. Not only this, but there are also some Do’s and Don’ts you must take into consideration before stepping into this procedure.

Facial scar revision treatment ensures to eradicate the annoying scratches from your face no matter how rigid they are. It’s embraced with a group of different procedures including lasers and surgical ones to alter the facial tissues accordingly to provide less visible scar. Maximum improvement for complex marks requires more than one sitting or might even more than one technique however the best decision is entirely dependent upon the surgeons’ professionalism. So if you’re considering getting the Best Cosmetic surgeries for Facial scar revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi meet our best cosmetic surgeons who’re expert enough to provide you the facial look you’ve ever dreamed of! Dubai is also now becoming the leading platform for performing the best and cost-effective cosmetic surgeries all over the world.

DR. ZEIALABDIN AL ABDULLAH- Best Cosmetic Surgeon for Scar Revision in Dubai:

A lot of patients in the United Arab Emirates seek for the best cosmetic surgeon because performing surgical techniques for facial scar isn’t an easy task. Although, it’s quite obvious that experienced doctors deliver more satisfactory upshots as compared to the ones who are less qualified. Similarly, when we talk about facial scar revision treatment in Dubai there is the involvement of complex techniques and incisions that demands the great skills and expertise of surgeon to provide the best possible results.

At Dynamic clinic, we gladly offer the best Cosmetic surgeon for Facial Scar Revision Treatment in Dubai named Dr. Zeinalabdin AL Abdullah who’s well qualified and has performed hundreds of successful cosmetic surgeries, and patients are satisfied with his great skills. He believes that every person should look good no matter whether men or women. Additionally, he’s holding the experience of working in leading medical centers of the world including Seria, Turley and currently he’s working at Dynamic clinic in Dubai.

The sufferers of Facial scars can now visit the Dynamic Clinic for getting scar revision treatment from the best cosmetic surgeon in Dubai. He would suggest you an appropriate surgical or laser technique in consideration of your safety and care after analyzing your medical history and aesthetic demands. People all over the world are now preferring Dubai for getting their cosmetic surgeries as it has now become the top best country that offers the best surgeon who delivers promising upshots. The dynamic clinic also comes up with some travel packages and reasonable treatment rates for overseas patients as this surgery is most affordable in Dubai when compared to UK or USA.

Initial Session with Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai:

Dr. Zeinalabdin AL Abdullah keeps an artistic eye on the patients’ demands and concerns by asking them why they need this surgery and what’s the exact facial look they want to achieve? While attending the initial session he’ll inform you regarding the details of both surgical and laser treatments and will help you in deciding the suitable option for you in which you’re comfortable. Additionally, you will be given a friendly atmosphere to ask questions about the cost and the risks associated with this treatment. Specialists at Dynamic clinic don’t recommend any treatment forcefully until you’re physically and mentally ready for it!

Techniques Available for Scar Revision!

No matter whether you’re facing a Keloid scar or Hypertrophic or Acne Scar, the techniques available for scar revision would be enough to achieve the spotless facial appearance. Please have a look at some important ones!

  1. Excision
  2. Skin grafting
  3. Skin flapping
  4. Laser Resurfacing


This practice involves the removal of severe scar marks by making a suitable small incision which rejoins the skin’s natural tissue and results in a less visible scar.

Skin Grafting:

It’s the process of extracting skin tissue from one of any invisible parts of the body which is then placed on the targeted area of skin. As a result of this, new soft tissues are formed which makes the scar less visible.

Skin Flapping:

In this technique, scarred tissue is removed completely to discard the unhealthy part of the skin which is responsible for scarring however this approach is the priority. Once it gets failed Skin Grafting is advised.

Laser Resurfacing:

Last but not the least, Laser Resurfacing is the prominent non-surgical solution for removing scars. It’s based on the concept of removing the upper layer of skin which results in better healing of new cells and results in flawless skin.

Conclusion- Best Cosmetic Surgeon!

Facial Scar Revision treatment will get off your every single type of scar with various techniques and make you feel more comfortable and confident with the ideal skin appearance you’ve ever desired. Best Cosmetic surgeries for Facial scar revision in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are more effective now due to advanced technologies and highly qualified surgeons. At Dynamic, the best cosmetic surgeon for facial scar revision in Dubai Dr. Zeinalabdin AL Abdullah performs successful enhancing surgeries with his expert hands. You can visit him by booking a free consultation. I guarantee you, you will get an incredible norm of care and consideration with spotless facial appearance permanently!