Benefits of Using DIEP Flap with Breast Reconstruction

In this type of breast reconstruction surgery, the patient’s tissues are used instead of implants. During DIEP flap reconstruction, skin, fat, and muscle are moved from other areas of the body to the chest. Common donor areas are the abdomen, upper back, buttocks, and upper hip. This whole procedure will give a new shape and size to the boobs and make them look bigger and more attractive. Because it is completely safe every woman is a candidate for this type of surgery.

An initial consultation with a surgeon is needed to discuss all the details related to the procedure including, benefits, results, risks, cost, etc.

The treatment is very popular all around the globe due to its significant benefits. It is also becoming the best choice for breast cancer patients. The biggest advantage of DIEP flap reconstruction is that the patient gets a slimmer appearance as a result of the treatment. DIEP is an extremely complex procedure so the surgeon who is performing the surgery should be skilled and experienced in this field.

Expect when having DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

The surgeon starts the operation by harvesting abdominal tissues (only skin and fat). In the next step, blood vessels of the abdomen are attached to the blood vessels of the chest. This reattachment of the vessels requires the great expertise of the surgeon. The surgeon then makes some changes to alter the overall shape of the breast. Because the patient’s tissues are used therefore the results are natural-looking and amazing.

Who are not Good Candidates?

Women with thin bodies are not good candidates for DIEP flap is also not a good choice for those who previously had undergone certain abdominal surgeries.

What Breast Surgery can do?

It is the most complex breast surgery but provides uncountable benefits to the sufferers. Some noteworthy benefits of DIEP flap reconstruction are given below,

  • Your breasts will look slimmer and flatter
  • Recovery is not slow, usually, 3-4 weeks are enough
  • No risk of hernia post-surgery
  • Improves the overall contour of the body
  • The patient’s self-confidence increases
  • It will give your breasts the same sensations as before
  • Preserves the abdominal muscle strength and function
  • The treatment results in natural-appearing results
  • You don’t need to undergo tummy tuck or liposuction to remove excess abdominal skin and fat

Recovery from DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

After the surgery, you will feel tired and sore for some weeks. Take prescribed medications to eliminate this sensation. You are recommended to wear a surgical bra for 7-10 days to keep the breast in place while it heals. Some scars might appear but they fade over time.

Limit overhead lifting or strenuous physical exercises during the recovery phase. Fuller recovery can take up to six weeks. After this time period, there will be no restrictions imposed on you, and the patient is allowed to continue all the routine activities after it.

Are the Results Permanent?

The results of DIEP flap reconstruction in Dubai are permanent. You will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the breast right after the procedure. You will look and feel natural and healthy after it.

Cost of DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

We cannot tell you the exact price of the treatment because it varies from individual to individual. Visit our clinic, our specialist will do your thorough examination to decide on a treatment price.

Why Choose Us?

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