Anti Snoring Laser Treatment

Everyone snores, but for some, it can be a serious problem!

Restriction in the airflow can cause you to snore. While snoring is normal for most people, for some, it may increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, and other health conditions. The problem can be avoided by reducing alcohol intake, clearing nasal congestion, and losing weight. However, for too loud snoring, Anti Snoring Laser Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah may be an option. During Laser Treatment, the sleep specialist reduces or tightens the loose soft tissues in order to improve the airways.

Keep reading to learn more about snoring, OSA, and anti-snoring laser treatment in Dubai!

When to See a Doctor?

Snoring is sometimes associated with a serious sleep disorder called OSA – obstructive sleep apnea. This disorder is pretty common and normally characterized by loud snoring followed by lengthy periods of silence. Someone with OSA may show symptoms of sore throat in the morning, chest pain and breathing pauses while sleeping, high BP, and headaches upon awakening.

Is treatment necessary? Anyone experiencing any of these symptoms should contact a sleep specialist. Let them know if you have witnessed any other abnormal situations lately.

How can You Treat Snoring by Yourself?

The best you can do is change your lifestyle. To be precise, you should:

  • Change your sleeping angle. Better to sleep on your side instead of your back.
  • Use a snore-controlling pillow.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before sleeping.
  • Maintain a healthy BMI.
  • Refrain from taking sedatives before bed.
  • Discuss with your physician about medications for improving airways.

What Is Anti-Snoring Laser Treatment?

As the name suggests, this involves laser energy (nightlase) to improve airway volume and reduce snoring. The laser basically tightens loose soft tissues in the throat by stimulating protein transformation. There is no anesthesia needed, plus patients can resume routine activities right away. However, it is important to note that for anti Snoring Treatment to be successful, several sessions are needed. Generally speaking, it requires three to four laser treatments to get the desired results.

Results of Anti Snoring Laser Treatment:

This non-surgical treatment offers temporary results. But why? The laser does not actually eliminate the root cause, it just masks sleep apnea, which could be dangerous too. In general, the effects last for up to two years. If you want a more permanent solution to your snoring problem, consider surgical options.

Alternatives of Anti Snoring Laser Treatment:

The top three alternatives to laser snoring treatment are:

  1. Septoplasty.
  2. Somnoplasty.
  3. Adenoidectomy.

Cost of Anti Snoring Laser Treatment:

The cost of anti-snoring laser treatment in Dubai starts from AED 700 but can increase to AED 2,000 if the treatment is more complex. Other factors that can affect the cost include the location of the clinic, the number of sessions needed, the skills of the sleep specialist, and the severity of the problem. For an accurate price tag, you should discuss it with your doctor.

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