7 Things You Need to Know About HIFU Treatment

Aesthetic Medicine is a lot more than fillers and botox. 

Yes! treatments like HIFU that stand for high intensity focused ultrasound is one of the leading aesthetic treatments nowadays that is responsible for adding firmness and uplifting the aging skin while using the help of extreme power for powerful ultrasonic waves. The results of HIFU treatment in Dubai will leave you surprised and wanting. Here are 7 fast facts about HIFU that are enlisted for your understanding. 

7 fast facts about HIFU Treatment:

Gives you the Korean “Glass”  Skin :

A lot of people admire Korean skin because it is very glossy and free of imperfections. It is so spotless that it appears mattified and even. Achieving Korean skin is not a dream anymore because Laser skin treatment will improve the texture and will smoothen  out your skin without the need of wearing makeup. 

Is Suitable for People Above 20:

If you are below 22 years of age then  HIFU treatment is not for you. It is generally for people above 22 and this is so because from 22 years onwards your skin starts to lose a considerable amount of collagen that as a result starts to decline the skin’s elasticity. Fine lines, wrinkles and double toned are all the premature signs of aging that tend to appear around 25 to 30 years of age. 

Has Profound Benefits:

The best quality of HIFU treatment is that it not just clears your skin from the outside but also works deep down in eliminating the blemishes and the debris that is responsible for progressing into massive problems on the skin surface. On the other hand it decreases the need of other surgical treatments for the skin that often end up in scarring. 

Has Long Term Results:

Unlike botox and fillers in Dubai generally lasts very longer and may not require you to take your second session anywhere in the near future. It can last for about a good 6 months or even more than that based on how well you have maintained it. However it may vary from person to person as to how their skin actually is. 

Has the Least Possible Side Effects:

The treatment does not generally come up with severe side effects except for some mild tingling sensation, soreness or redness in the initial hours after the treatment. This will cease as time will pass and from the next day onwards you will be able to witness the results. 

Works on Natural Phenomena:

You will be surprised to know that HIFU treatment works naturally on the principles of repair and regeneration. The high intensity focused ultrasound waves are allowed to cause minor injuries into the skin that in turn trigger the mediators of the cascade to repair and regenerate new cells. As a result , the stimulation of new cells promotes refreshed and rejuvenated skin. 

Is a Very Quick Procedure:

This non-invasive treatment is worth the use because it is not very time consuming  and takes about just 30 minutes for the entire treatment procedure. It saves the time of the candidate and energy of the specialist. 

Where Can I Find the Best Clinic for HIFU? 

You don’t need to worry about the authentic place from where you should get your HIFU treatment because the Dynamic Clinic situated in UAE is providing HIFU to its candidates governed by some highly qualified and experienced specialists for a very long time. 

How Much Does a HIFU Treatment Cost in Dubai? 

If you want to know the HIFU treatment cost in Dubai then it is better to pay a visit to the clinic because the cost is decided on the basis of the complexity of the treatment which is well decided by the aestheticians themselves. 


Your skin demands attention and pampering as keenly as your body. Investing in expensive skin products is no justice to your pocket. The HIFU treatment will facilitate in achieving smoothened and glorified skin instantly. Book your session with the high professionals and teams for enhancing the beauty of your skin.