5 Best Hydrafacial Deals and Packages in Dubai

Everybody wants healthy, scar-free, hydrated, and bright skin. For this purpose, we invest a lot of money and experience every type of harsh facial without knowing whether it is suitable for our skin or not, or whether we will get the desired results. Here are 5 Best Hydrafacial Deals and Packages in Dubai that are worth knowing about.

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What is Hydrafacial?

A Facial you will love having!

Hydrafacial cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates your skin by purifying all the dirt and impurities by eliminating the dead skin cells of the face. It keeps your skin hydrated by applying the best serums during the procedure on your face.

Getting Hydrafacial in Dubai:

Hydrafacial is gaining popularity day by day due to its exceptional results. If you are in Dubai, You can not resist having the best facial here. As we all know, Dynamic Clinic in Dubai provides all kinds of best Facials. The most effective and powerful facial Nowadays in Dubai is Hydrfacial. 

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Procedure of HydraFacial:

HydraFacial is in one treatment. It is a 30 minutes procedure that involves the following steps:

  1. Cleansing and Exfoliating.
  2. Chemical Peel.
  3. Extraction.
  4. Hydrating.

Cleansing and Exfoliating:

In the initial step of the HydraFacial, Dermatologist uses an instrument like an electric toothbrush to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This step involves gently unclogging the pores by clearing the dead skin cells and sebum.

Chemical Peel:

In the second step, An inoffensive and gentle chemical peel consisting of glycolic and salicylic acid gets applied to the skin. This chemical peel is completely different from the typical chemical peels that cause discomfort, irritation, and redness on the skin.


This is the third step of HydraFacial. In this procedure, all the skin contaminants get purified, and blackheads get removed. Dermatologists use a strong instrument to clear up the pores by removing the dirt and oil from them. 


Last but not least, Dermatologists use hydrating serums, many other valuable vitamins, and minerals on the skin through the instrument to keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.

Above is the procedure involved in HydraFacial. After the treatment is completed, you will see instant results like your skin will brighten up, be smoother, Healthier, and clearer. 

Benefits of HydraFacial:

Other than those Facial Treatments that feel unpleasant and harsh on the face, HydraFacial offers several benefits making your skin smoother and healthier.

  • It is 100% safe, suitable for all skin types, and deals with all skin conditions.
  • It enhances collagen production.
  • It makes your skin even tone.
  • It keeps your skin hydrated and moist.
  • It improves the texture of your skin.
  • It provides quick results.
  • It makes your skin brighter, softer, and glowing.
  • It deals with acne, acne marks, and aging spots.
  • It treats sun-damaged skin.
  • It purifies the skin by clearing dead skin cells.
  • It provides the desired contour to your face.
  • It lessens the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Minimally invasive.

Side Effects of HydraFacial:

The only and temporary side effect of HydraFacial is a mild redness.

HydraFacial Price in Dubai:

Hydra Facial Price in Dubai is generally AED 599. The cost is not specific because it varies from patient to patient. There are several aspects involved in it like the patient’s skin condition, age, provider’s fee and the location as well. Consult us for the treatment details and cost.

HydraFacial Deals and Packages in Dubai:

Do not miss out! Avail of the following amazing and budget-friendly deals of HydraFacial at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai:

  1. HydraFacial+ Microdermabrasion + Chemical Peels + Steam only in AED 1499.
  2. HydraFacial+ Microdermabrasion + Chemical Peels + Steam + Derma pen only in AED 1499.
  3. HydraFacial + Microdermabrasion+ Derma Pen only in AED 1499.
  4. HydraFacial + Microdermabrasion + Steam only in AED 1499.
  5. HydraFacial + Chemical Peels + Vi Derm Cleanser + Steam only AED 1499.

Get All of these best treatments just in AED 1499.

Note: The cost may varies from patient to patient.

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