Zirconia Crown Cost in Dubai

A dental crown is the most popular dental procedure for individuals who want to gain fast, effective and temporary tooth restoration. It is recommended mostly for the people who are suffering from misshaped, broken or weak as well as to cover worn don and discoloured dentures.

When it comes to material concerns, people now can get a Zirconia Crown which is made up of zirconium dioxide, a type of metal related to titanium; even though it is characterized as a ceramic crown. In 2021, American Dental Association (ADA) study discloses that 99% of dentists recommend this procedure for people who are looking for a natural-looking smile. Furthermore, this study shared participants’ positive feedback which stated that it does not only have a smooth texture but also possesses many advantages.

If you are one of the sufferers and desire to achieve the most affordable Zirconia Crown then Dynamic Clinic Dubai is where you need to be. We offer easy on pocket Zirconia Crown Cost in Dubai . Keep scrolling for more details!

Why You Need Zirconia Crown?

A person can have Zirconia Crown for many reasons. Your dentist might recommend it for:

  • Help saving fractures on weak tooth
  • Holding teeth together when they are in bad condition
  • Improves smile
  • Restore broken tooth
  • Refine bite
  • Shield to a large Dental Filling, root canals and dental placements
  • Cover the discoloured or misshaped teeth

Benefits Of This Procedure:

Zirconia Crown is one of the most demanded treatments in dentistry. Its benefits include:

  • Durable material
  • Natural appearance
  • 100% Biocompatible
  • Effortlessly Modified
  • Last long
  • Suitable for metal allergic people
  • Hold grinding pressure


With easy and immediate outcomes it is one of the most accepted dental procedures among individuals. Dynamic Clinic Dubai provides such a procedure in no waiting time slot, no temporaries with any pain assured. We received many positive feedbacks from the candidates who choose our facility for their Zirconia Crown procedure.

Average Cost:

Zirconia Crown Cost in Dubai varies substantially. The average cost ranges between AED 1500 to AED 3000 approximately. Many individuals are concerned about affordability and for them; we offer a discounted price of AED 1000 on the procedure. Keeping in mind, that cost fluctuates due to many external factors which an individual needs to understand before getting such treatment for a perfect smile.

Cost Affecting Factors:

Nevertheless, the prices do fluctuate even then dentists and patients prefer to utilize Zirconia Crown over other dental procedures. Cost fluctuations depend on:

  • Condition of dentures
  • Location of clinic
  • Dentist Charges
  • Crown/Tooth Size
  • Tooth positions

Why Dynamic Clinic?

As dental procedures becoming more efficient and effective, our facility is advancing with it. Zirconia Crown is not just a dental procedure but is also linked with aesthetic concerns. We assure you that you have a comfortable and smooth experience at our facility. We do not compromise patient safety and the quality of our work. If you acquire a perfect smile then you should get yourself affordable Zirconia Crown Cost in Dubai at Dynamic Clinic Dubai.

Appointment And Consultation:

More or less, Zirconia Crowns are safe and effortlessly modified modern dental procedures that can be opted for by anyone regardless of age or gender. If you are one of the people suffering from any dental issues and looking for a fast and effective solution at an affordable price then get your free consultation or book your appointment as soon as you can. We assure you of an amazing experience.