What is the average cost of weight loss surgery in UAE

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Obesity or excess weight is unquestionably the most common problem people face worldwide, especially adults. It would be wrong to say it’s the next man-made pandemic that targets young people depending on the environment, lifestyle, and a person’s heredity factors. Also, Overeating, no exercise habits, sitting or lying on a bed all day watching Netflix with many unhealthy snacks has a significant part in obesity. People become so extra or overweight that exercise and a strict healthy diet are literally failures. When a need arises for a solution to any cosmetic problem, Technology is always here, standing in front of us with the best possible solution. This time it is Weight Loss Surgery in Dubai

What is Weight Loss Surgery?

It’s also called bariatric surgery, a broad term covering several weight loss processes for obese people. Bariatric surgery is the option to prefer when the patient has serious health risks because of being obese, and obviously, diet and exercise can’t lead us to the desired results. Some bariatric surgery procedures are performed to limit the patient’s eating habits, while others make your body unable to digest the nutrients.

Why Does Weight Loss Surgery Get Done?

The primary benefit of bariatric surgery is an excess fat reduction and transforming an obese man near to his average weight. Obesity is not just looking overweight with extra fat. It also brings up the severe following health risks, which can be corrected and cured by weight loss surgery.

  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Fatty Liver Disease
  • Heart Diseases and Heart Stroke (Similar to Heart Attack)
  • Sleep disorders in which breathing automatically stops and starts. 

Types of Bariatric Surgeries 

Three major surgeries are performed for the weight loss:

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is one of the oldest weight-loss surgeries and has been in the cosmetic field for more than 20 years. The surgery is performed under general sedation, and the gastric bypass procedure starts by cutting the upper portion or the top of the stomach. The cutting is done for the creation of a tiny pouch. This walnut-sized little pouch gets attached to the small intestine, so the food gets into it after passing from the stomach. The technique aims to limit the portion size of food and limit food absorption. There is a moderate risk of complications, but the weight loss process is faster than the other techniques. Two to three days of hospital stay are required with no prolonged recovery of two to three weeks, and the procedure can not be easily reversed.

Sleeve Gastrectomy 

Sleeve gastrectomy reduces the stomach size so the patient can not consume the excess food amount. The procedure had FDA approval for almost four years. A sleeve gastrectomy procedure is administered under general anesthesia in which a surgeon removes 80 – 85% of the stomach, and the rest is attached. After the surgery gets completed, the patient will be under the surgeon’s care for four days. Sleeve Gastrostomy surgery is a non-reversible procedure with the fastest initial weight loss. 

Gastric Binding

Gastric banding is an adjustable weight loss procedure that has been in the cosmetic field for almost a decade. It is performed under general anesthesia in which the upper portion of the stomach gets decreased by placing an adjustable silicone band to restrict the food intake. It’s an FDA-approved process with a week’s recovery time and requires no hospital stay. It can reduce up to 55% of weight in five years. 

All these weight loss surgeries are performed, tailoring the patient’s requirements, and each of them has benefits and side effects. Though it’s a surgery for intense, complicated problems, it can never be quick with instant results. The patient must follow the post-surgery guidelines with a balanced diet and exercise to achieve the expected results. 

What is the average cost of weight loss surgery in the UAE?

Obese People should expect to get charged for the Bariatric Surgery cost in Dubai from 9999 AED to 20000 AED. The price ranges between a specific amount are not said to be sure and vary from patient to patient. 

The patient will get to know their total charges after examining a problem in the consultation. 

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