What is Femilift? A Woman’s Guide to a Feminine Lift

Every woman in the present era wants to appear young, attractive, and healthy. Females care for themselves their hands, faces, and other skin because of their fresh appearance, but we must not forget that the vaginal mucosa also loses elasticity over time; it is even more sensitive than other body parts. After childbirth, the vagina loses both flexibility and resistance, but never for a single reason. Aging also plays a huge role, because, with the aging of the active flexible tissues, they become dead. Many women struggle with difficulties of feminine health and wellness that might influence their ability to be affectionate, yet they may find it difficult or unpleasant to address these problems. The excellent thing is that you can take action to improve. So there is no need to be concerned about your concerns, if you are researching What is Femilift, this article will address your main concerns. What is Femilift? A Woman’s Guide to a Feminine Lift, then keeps reading here for complete information.

The Aim of the Femlift:

Intimate Rejuvenation in Dubai is a non-invasive method for addressing deficits in the external and internal genital organs brought on by a person’s physical makeup. It can be performed after surgery, hormone imbalances, childbirth, and previous illnesses. Femilift can safely correct physiological and cosmetic flaws. It is possible to get rid of age-related, postpartum, and traumatic transformations in the genitalia, anus, and surrounding areas using this laser treatment. This procedure eliminates not just cosmetic flaws but also addresses a number of distinct physiological issues that women experience at various phases of their lives.

Ideal Applicant:

If candidates are curious about treatment, just make sure you are a suitable patient. The following circumstances are present for the treatment:

  • Vaginal constriction.
  • Urinary incontinence under stress.
  • Dryness of the cervix with regular infections.
  • Urogenital syndrome after menopause.
  • postnatal recuperation.
  • If your vagina is very loose and saggy.
  • pain during intercourse.
  • I’m missing sexual pleasure.

Pre-Procedure Instructions:

Applicants must prepare themselves for the treatment to achieve the desired goal. The preparations consist of the following steps:

  • Avoid sexual activity before the procedure.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Only use prescribed medicine.
  • Discuss your health history with the expert.
  • Stop taking all medications.


Femilift in Dubai is a minimally invasive and painless treatment that uses gentle handling for regulated safety and precision, has maximum accuracy using the ideal wavelength and pulse of the laser, is quick and effective micropixel transmission of fractionated laser energy, and has long-term success and excellent patient satisfaction records, it is performed in the following steps.

  • Initially, the expert deeply cleans the targeted area.
  • Then the sedative gel will be administered to the targeted side, it is non-invasive, which is why there is no need for anesthesia.
  • The expert will mark the area with a dotted line.
  • The operation is then swiftly and painlessly carried out by using a sterile probe nozzle that can rotate 360 degrees.
  • Then the rays will be inserted into the treated side to cover the full area of the vaginal walls and thoroughly regenerate the tissues.
  • The outcome lasts for roughly two years and enables you to avoid additional surgical intervention, such as for urine incontinence.
  • Doctors advise performing three procedures with a three-day gap between them for the best results.
  • Younger people may experience fewer of them, particularly if the bladder is not yet seriously compromised.
  • Then you will be instructed on post-procedure instructions and medication for quick healing.

Post-Procedure Care:

After the procedure, applicants should follow the below-mentioned instructions for quick healing:

  • Do not participate in intercourse.
  • Avoid the use of a sauna, participate in sports, or use the swimming pool on the day of the treatment.
  • Only use prescribed products.
  • Keep the place dry and clean.
  • Avoid heavy workouts.


You can achieve the following benefits from the treatment:

  • It enhances your sexual life.
  • It is performed without any pain.
  • There is no need for anesthasia.
  • The operation takes between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • You can resume your daily activities after the operation.
  • Three treatments later, the vagina effectively narrowed.
  • Sensitivity increases, which enhances the sexual experience.
  • It boosts your confidence.
  • It causes discomfort during sex.
  • It resolves urinary issues.


A Femilift cost in Dubai starts between AED 6,999 and AED 9,800; it is not constant for all patients because it can be varied according to the clinic’s fee schedule, the level of service, and the caliber of the equipment, more specifically the make and model of the tools used for these procedures. Naturally, the complexity of the method used will raise the price of laser rejuvenation and require more expertise from the doctor. But at the time of consultation, the expert will assist you more appropriately.

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