What are the Downsides of Dental Implants

The evolution of Dental Implants in Dubai has made life a lot easier for patients who choose removal dentures unwillingly. Dental implants have a very good functional mechanism and apart from that their aesthetics are very closely related to the set of natural teeth.  The reason why people are getting their hands on dental implants is because its durability is a lot more prolonged than any other prosthesis.  However there are some downsides and shortcomings of dental implants that are very important to be acknowledged before choosing them.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are appliances or bio mechanics that are done in order to replace the mixing teeth. The are parts of the dental implant include a nickel titanium screw and a porcelain crown. It is inserted directly into the bone and then is left to fuse along with the structures.  Once the screw is completely fused with the bone and osseointegration is maintained,  reserve through a crown is then placed onto the surface of the implant screw.

Benefits of Dental Implants:

Here are some of the benefit Dental implants in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

  •  Then then implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.
  •  They are fixed into the bone and so uh the hassle of removing and replacing it back does not exist.
  •  They have a very well functional integrity.
  •  Dental implants have the ability to improve the overall aesthetics of your mouth.

What is the Downside of Dental Implants? 

Like all other dental treatments, dental implants also come along with the various drawbacks. There are some shortcomings also. They cannot be ignored however, acknowledging them can help in limiting the problems associated. 


Any surgery that causes exposure to the regular environment increases the risk of infections in the subjective area. Your oral cavity is very prone to infections. If you are taking your post treatment antibiotics on time then the risk of infections can reduce to half or even one.

Injury to Nerves:

In case you have chosen an inexperienced surgeon for dental implants, the risk of injury to the nerves can be very likely to occur. This is because the surgery is quite complex and precise. It needs profound skills to be carried out through our surgeons to make sure that dental implants are done under proper supervision so that there is minimum risk to the nerves.

Injury to Blood Vessels:

Your blood vessels are the major connective tissue in your body because they are responsible for blood circulation and any damage to them can give rise to profuse bleeding. Since the capillaries are the smallest and most fragile of the blood vessels it should be taken care. The surgeons in our clinic make sure that the  implants should not hinder the blood vessels and should refrain from being touched or damaged.


According to studies,  inserting dental implants can cause some complications that are not evident yet but can occur if care is not taken during the surgery.  In case of candidates who have very small or less dense bone height can have complications with dental implants.  it can give rise to a total failure of the treatment or in some cases can even cause disruption to the bone. 

Disruption to Other Structures:

Certain other structures such as the paranasal sinuses and  the jawbone can even get fractured during the surgery. This is because some candidates do not have a very adequate bone health and so the Other structures are very prone to get distorted during the surgery.


Since the surgery requires the incisions and  it is very common that some patients present with pain after the surgery. It can be limited by taking the painkillers on time. 

Gum Recession:

One of the common downsides or shortcomings after dental implants is gum recession .Gum recession is a condition which is referred to as the displacement of gums from their original position and moving backwards.

How to Limit the Downsides of Dental Implants? 

The best way to get over the downsides of dental implants or to prevent the risk associated with them is to choose the best surgeon. Our clinic offers multiple surgeons for dental implants along with a highly skillful team.  Their experience itself can say how profound they are in terms of dealing with patients as well as carrying out the surgeries with enhanced skills.  

Why Choose Us? 

We recommend choosing our clinic because Dental Implants in Dubai are considered as one of the most complex surgeries. We ensure that our specialists are the top notch surgeons of Dubai and the team which is allotted along with them also has the equal skills and ability.

The Final Verdict!

Ease yourself and get relief from partial dentures and choose dental implants as it is the fixed method and is hassle free. You can avail a free consultation upon booking an appointment with the dentist.