same day dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a new yet unique tooth replacement complex procedure. The tooth to be replaced is fixed within the bone of the jaw. The tooth is fixed using biocompatible metallic screws. Dental implants require ample time and are basically because of the complexity of the treatment. Only a refined and skill-full surgeon can place it in the right way. The entire treatment of a dental implant can take about six to seven months on average. However, there are same day dental implants in Dubai running successfully.

How does the procedure of Same day Dental Implant differ from the conventional?

The steps of the conventional dental implant procedure include:

  • Removal of the decayed tooth.
  • Preparation of the jaw bone.
  • Placement of the screw.
  • Healing and bone integration within the socket ( 6 months phase).
  • Fixing of the abutment.
  • Placement and tightening of the artificial tooth.

However, the same day Dental implants have a slightly different procedure. The Enfield Royal Clinic has a team of specialists that place the best dental implants in Dubai.

The ideal treatment they follow includes:

Consultation and examination of whether the jaw is perfect for same day dental implant placement or not.

Administration of general anesthesia either through sedation or intravenous. This is to prevent pain perception.

The surgeon will then drill holes within the jaw where the implant will be placed.The abutment screw is placed within the hole.The patient is given some time for the screw to fuse with the bone. Conventionally the screw is left to fuse with the bone for a 6 months period. However, for same day dental implants in Dubai, the artificial teeth or the cap is placed over the screw and tightened on the same day.

Once the artificial tooth is placed your surgeon will advise you on the dos and don’ts along with the post-operative care. You are then allowed to go home. Your follow-ups will be scheduled to monitor the success rate of your implant.

Who is fit for a same day dental implant?

You must be wondering that getting implants done in a single is time-saving and is easy. Little do you know that there are certain rulings for that. Not everyone is fit to go for it.

Patients who are not medically fit and have comorbid conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, bone diseases, vitamin, and calcium deficiency do not pertain to a dental implant in a single visit. People above 60 years of age also fall in the same category.

On the other hand, young healthy individuals are perfect candidates for implants to be done in a single visit.

What are the pros and cons of single visit implants?


  • Saves time for both the patient and the dentist.
  • Lesser bacterial attack.
  • A perfect smile within a day.
  • Hassle-free replacement unlike dentures.


  • Chances of failure than the regular implant placements.
  •  Lack of bone fusion with screw due to limited time.
  • Elongated procedure in one go.

Final verdict!

The surgeons in Royal Enfield Clinic have been placing the Best Dental Implants in Dubai for a very long time. Their success can be seen by the smiles they generate and make their patients happy about it.