Weight Loss Program Dubai with Dynamic Clinic Dubai

Watching weight-loss transformations of obese people on Instagram while taking a bite of tasteless salad is definitely not what we call a weight loss journey. You are beautiful in every shape, and no one is body-shaming you, but if you heartily want to correct the outcomes of bad eating habits, a proper weight loss plan is necessary. 

To help you achieve your weight loss goals, The Dynamic Clinic offers the Non-surgical Weight loss in Dubai.Do you want to know the weight loss therapy that helps you achieve your goals and the figure shape you want? Here is Wonder therapy for you!

Weight Loss Programs 

Dietitians and weight-loss experts at Dynamic Clinic consider their years of experience with the thousands of obese customers who have lost weight with our services. Also, modern weight loss plans and customized weight loss therapy for each patient after their health and goals evaluation is made. Our dietitians and experts will be with you throughout your process for the proper guidance. These diet plans are focused, quick and feasibly made.

Diet plans by the dietitians of Dynamic Clinic are not dependent on the patient’s self-control attitude, nor do we force them to be empty stomached, but it will be filled and fuller with a healthy diet.

Features of Weight Loss Program at Dynamic Clinic

Identifying and Analyzing a Person’s Health Needs:

This is the initial and the most important step on which your overall journey of weight loss in Dubai will be dependent. Be clear and honest about your eating habits, the amount and the food you highly intake regularly, your lifestyle, your type of exercise (if you do), and your current health condition.

Body Mass Measurements: 

This includes measuring overall body weight and body fat in the different body areas.

Weight Loss Consultation and Person’s Aesthetic Goals:

After the person’s health assessment and the body mass measurements, The process continues with this step based on the consultation and the evaluation of the person’s weight loss goals and the desired figure shape they want to achieve in a specific time. 

The dietitian keeps the patient’s lifestyle and eating habits in consideration while efficiently evaluating the expected results. 

A Beneficial Personalized Weight Loss Therapy:

These 100% custom made weight loss plans are what a person actually opts for their effective transformation. The best thing about our weight loss plans is that the patients are not pressured to adopt the lifestyle and eating habits out of their preferences forcefully, but actually, their comfort matters to us. You don’t have to skip food or be hungry and exhausted all the time, but a satisfied stomach with high fibre foods, low carbs, and a heavy protein count. 

The diet can be:

  • Vegan.
  • Vegetarian just the way a customer needs. 

Weight Loss Packages at Dynamic Clinic in Dubai 

First Package:

  • A couple of clinical visits are required to examine the patient’s needs and the body and the therapies.
  • The most significant part is a personalized treatment plan tailoring 100% of your needs with the guidance of four diet experts.
  • When the patient with a continuous weight loss journey reaches the goal, the dietitian then provides a slimming session to make the body look more toned.

Second Package:

  • Unlike the first package, the second one requires a single clinical visit where the same initial examination and consultation are done.
  • A must-have customized diet plan for the patient with a consultation of three dietitians guiding you in each step.
  • When the patients are close to their ideal body weight, a skin rejuvenation process welcomes them for a better and smoother skin texture. 

Third Package:  

  • The third is relatively shorter than the other two, with a two steps process:
  • A Doctor’s visit where the patient’s body weight, eating habits and lifestyle are examined, and goals are evaluated.
  • The last step is the consultation with the dietitian. 

Cost of Weight Loss Packages: 

Dynamic Clinic offer weight loss program at affordable cost. The cost of weight loss packages are:

  • The first package is no less than a luxury and costs 18000 AED.
  • The second package also includes an extra touch up therapy and costs 16000 AED.
  • The third one is relatively shorter and costs 14800 AED.

Your Incredible Weight Loss Journey at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai!

Every individual person has different body and weight loss goals and needs to be treated accordingly. Our dietitians have the best plan to offer you!

Non-surgical weight loss in Dubai would be significant to experience!