IV Drip Dubai Price

Are you feeling sick, dehydrated, or have a weaker immune system? 

No worries, Ladies and Gentlemen! When you can’t even take care of yourself, There’s still someone that does.

Yes, IV Drip Therapy in Dubai!

A treatment that is convenient enough to give you what your body needs, treating every health issue with instant results. 

What is IV Drip?

IV stands for Intravenous and works by directly delivering the different beneficial fluids and medications into the veins. These fluids and medications contain minerals, vitamins and elements valuable for health which get injected into the bloodstream providing the fastest results in treating medical emergencies and other health issues. 

Which Practitioner to Consult for IV Therapies?

The patient is advised to consult a licensed physician to get IV drip therapy in Dubai for the problem diagnosis and treatment.

IV therapies can be used for every health-related issue, from hydration to any symptom or disease. It will work best in every condition. Generally, IV therapies are operated by a nurse or a medical professional as it is a straightforward procedure. The patient can expect the treatment to be the same and consistent every time, no matter where you get it done. 

How does IV Therapy work?

  • It’s a 30 to 45 minutes procedure with no need for anesthesia.
  • You will be seated in a comfortable place to relax easily because you’re not allowed to move until the therapy completes. You can watch television, read a magazine, or use your mobile phone in between.
  • The healthcare professional or nurse will disinfect the area where the catheter(a small thin plastic tube) is to be placed, usually in the arm.
  • Then the catheter will be placed directly into the blood vessel, and then IV will deliver your selected vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream.
  • The fluid gets incorporated into the blood and delivers instant results to the problem by avoiding getting involved in the digestive system.

What Type of Drips IV Includes?

Some IV drips are made of sugar, vitamins and antioxidants, while others include salts, electrolytes, and other ingredients. Each IV drip consists of the components tailoring each patient’s health and requirements.

Vitamins (Vitamin B and Vitamin C)

Vitamins are essential as they play an integral part in strengthening our body’s immune system and boosting energy. Vitamin B complex, including B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-9 and B-12, are responsible for nerve function and metabolism, referring to the healthy and balanced diet and other essential bodily functions. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system, so vitamin C would be great in your IV drip if you’re sick. Both vitamin B and C are best for people who cannot absorb them naturally.

Salt Water

Saltwater or saline is the most common ingredient used as the base of IV drips and works as the delivery mechanism for the other fluids in an IV drip. It is made of salt and water and works best in hydrating the body.


Potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, phosphate, sodium, and chloride are essential elements the body needs for proper functioning. These elements control the blood pressure and balance the nerve and muscle function. All these electrolytes hydrate our body too. 


Calcium means Vitamin D and is a vital IV therapy ingredient. It is one of the most essential minerals in the human body that makes our bones and teeth stronger. We need to maintain a proper calcium level in our body to keep going well in life’s race. We consume it through dairy products, and its unacceptable level leads to osteoporosis.


It’s another important mineral and IV ingredient that keeps the heartbeat correct produces protein and energy, helps the teeth and bones stay strong, regulates muscle and nerve function and makes the immune system stronger.


Your IV therapy may include several antioxidants like vitamin C, A or E, and Glutathione, which keeps your body protected from heart disease, cancer, and others. It also prevents damage caused by unstable molecules and free radicals.


Some patients get antibiotics in IV drip in the blood vessels, which penetrate directly into the blood in case of infection. Antibiotics in IV bags treat Intraabdominal infections, pneumonia, infections that get spread through the bloodstream and more. 


It is made of wheat or corn, also called blood sugar, identical to glucose. It might be included in your IV drip that normalizes the low blood sugar levels. It is not like the sugar in sweet desserts or ice creams, but it is the sugar that is good for you and an energy source.

Lactated Ringer’s

It’s a prescription medicine or an intravenous solution used as a source of electrolytes, calories, and water to hydrate the body during surgery or in IV drips. The lactated ringer’s IV solution consists of potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium lactate and sodium chloride. The IV solution works as a delivery system for the other ingredients in the IV process.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy offers several benefits; a few of them are mentioned below:


The therapy is not just for one purpose. It is a multipurpose therapy that can be used in several conditions like hydrating your body, strengthening the immune system, regulating the blood flow, and controlling muscle and nerve functionality. The therapy also cures different health diseases, providing nutrients, and helping in surgery, medications and emergency situations. 


It’s such a convenient, easy, and straightforward procedure that can be performed at your home. The IV therapy treatment requires no anesthesia, and the patient can chillax during the process. The patient just has to select a convenient place and call the medics to come and perform the procedure in their comfort zone.  

Health Wellness

The treatment promotes health and aims to give natural nutrients and benefits to the client without any chemical use. The treatment also has no significant complications despite nerve damage or blood clotting. 


The IV therapy treatment is literally a painless procedure. You don’t have to think about the severe pain you underwent while in the other treatments because it’s just a pinch like regular injections. You can comfortably sit on the comfy couch and watch Netflix.

IV Drip Dubai Price

The patient can expect to pay for an IV drip cost in Dubai for around 1,000 AED (per session). 

The cost can be different for each patient because IV drips are multipurpose and can be used to treat several health problems. Each patient has a diverse problem and needs a specific personalized therapy, so they will cost differently. 

Several factors also add their expenses to the price, which are compulsory and integral in facilitating the process, such as patient’s problems and needs, customized therapy, provider’s place, physician’s expertise, and clinic’s specifications. 

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