Vaginal Infections Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment

 When it comes to the hygiene of intimate organs, the vagina is the one that needs major attention. This is because it is exposed to the environment and is quite plentiful in welcoming recurrent infections. This article will shed light on the ways to get over Recurring Vaginal Infections in Dubai including their symptoms and causes.  Pay close attention to every single detail as you never know when it can be useful. 

Understanding Vaginal Infections in Dubai:

For decades Vaginal Infections have always been a problem in around 8 / 10 women. Females both who are younger and older are at high risk of vaginal infections.

 A vaginal Infection is characterized by the overgrowth of a fungus known as yeast. In the medical world, it is termed candida. Once this yeast fungus starts to colonize the walls of the vagina, it leads to the vaginal infections.

 It is a very painful condition and is often a source of discomfort for many women. Females who are as low as under 18 are also vulnerable to vaginal infections since the abrupt changes in the hormones and the hitting phase of puberty are an added risk factor. 

Who is at High Risk? 

  •  Young females who are above 10 and below 15
  •  Females who have crossed 18 years of age
  •  women especially during their menstrual phase and childbearing ages
  •  common for post-menopausal women
  •  females with multiple partners
  •  females living in urban areas where sanitation is a problem.

 If you fall in any of the above categories then know that you can be a victim of recurrent vaginal infections and you need prompt treatment immediately.

The Symptoms of Reoccurring Vaginal Infections:

Itchy Vagina:

The earliest sign and symptoms of Recurring Vaginal Infections in Dubai starts from an itchy vagina. You will feel the urge to scratch it very often and that is a classic signature of initiating vaginal infection.


 Next after itching, you can feel a burning sensation that is characterized by inflammation.

Thick Vaginal Infections:

 The most common and earliest sign of a vaginal infection is a thick white discharge that can often be characterized by a foul smell. 

 The discharge is quite different from the regular ones and it is the best way to distinguish between a healthy discharge and one that needs medical attention. 

Swelling and Redness:

 In progressive cases, your vagina can even turn red or swollen. It can lead to discomfort and you may feel restless and unable to sit and walk normally. 

Painful Urination:

 Your vagina has a very common opening line next to the urethra. Since the connection is very close to each other there can be very painful urination and even burning while urinating. 

 In severe cases, you may feel the urge to pee often but when you use the restroom, there will not be enough urine to clear off.

Wear off and tear of the Vaginal Tissues :

Wearing off and tearing of the vaginal walls and tissues occurs in extreme and severe conditions. It mainly happens when you have left the condition untreated and undiagnosed for a very long time. 

Causes of Vaginal Infections:

Let’s now move on to the causes of the infections: 

Overgrown yeast fungi:

 When the candida fungi start to colonize rapidly and in large numbers, the vaginal walls then become the basic and primary causeway for vaginal infections. 


 Sexually Transmitted Infections are another prime cause of vaginal infection and are commonly noticed in women who have multiple partners. 

Poor Hygiene :

 In many areas and places where sanitation is a problem and women do not have sufficient needs met for proper hygiene, it makes room for vaginal infections to occur. 

Uncontrolled Diabetes:

 Surprisingly diabetes is another reason why these kinds of infections are prevalent. The increased concentration of glucose in the body which is often excreted via urine leads to retention near the walls hence leading a pathway towards the infections. 

Hormonal Vaginal Infections:

 Women who have attained an age where menopause is approaching are also very prone to vaginal infections this is because the sudden surge and drop in the hormones can lead the body to be unable to cope, as a result, the occurrence of the infections doubles than the normal rate. 

The preventive measures and treatment of Recurrent Vaginal Infections:

  • Antifungal agents
  • Abstinence from intercourse
  • Monitoring blood sugar levels
  • Proper hygiene 
  • Proper use of intimate washes 

How our Specialist’s support:

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The Final Verdict!

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