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Sexual activity is vital to human existence and is the basis for reproduction. It makes individuals happy and satisfied. It also plays a role in helping mental health overcome stress. But if you are facing issues with engaging in sexual activity. It can have negative long-term implications for couples’ lives. Because married couples struggle with intimacy issues. It may also undermine your self-assurance. But to resolve your sexual problems, you need to speak with sexologists. Transform Your Relationship with Sexology in Dubai | Expert Insights. Sexuality is everyone’s weakness and strength in the modern world. Where people must work nonstop to make ends meet. But a fulfilling sexual relationship can reduce stress. 

Who Are Sexologists?

They are specialists in sexology, the study of human sexuality. Sexologists specialize in understanding and addressing many facets of human sexuality. Such as sexual health, behavior, relationships, and intimacy. They are also experts in a variety of fields. Including psychology, biology, sociology, and medicine. It will help people navigate sexual challenges. Because it will enhance sexual satisfaction.

Common Concerns, Causes, and Treatment of Sexuality:

There are a lot of issues people face in their lives relating to sexual relationships. But each concern has different causes. And they are also treatable with different treatments. The following issues are treatable with the Sexologist In Dubai:

Erectile Dysfunction:

It is also known as ED, which is the inability to achieve a penile erection. That is stable enough for sexual activity. It can affect a person and is referred to as impotence. But this is normal and also treatable.

  • Causes:

There are many factors that contribute to this issue. It includes nerve damage, heart disease, and diabetes. But hypertension, stress, anxiety, and depression also cause. But in that case, individuals need therapy. 

  • Treatment:

Your sexologist will recommend drugs to treat the issue. They can pinpoint the precise cause of the illness and continue. If stress is the root cause of erectile dysfunction. There are various treatments available to manage stress.

Low Libido:

It is also a condition when a guy feels no desire for sexual activity. Because people are so busy with their professional lives today. And also, age is a common concern. But it’s time to visit the doctor. If applicants experience less libido for a long time.

  • Causes:

It is also caused by many factors. Including low testosterone levels, stress and anxiety, and depression. And too little or too much exercise, interpersonal issues. And also, drug addiction is a common cause of low libido.

  • Treatment:

There are many treatments available for sexual drive. But to address this problem, sexologists in Dubai will prescribe medicines. In some circumstances, your doctor might also suggest therapy. But testosterone replacement therapy may also be an effective option.

Penis Enlargement:

Some people struggle with low self-esteem because of their tiny penises. To have a more certain and satisfying sexual encounter. They desire to increase the size of their pines.

  • Cause:

There are many causes for the problem. But the principal cause is hereditary. This problem always has nothing to do with heritage. Because many treatments and other factors also contribute to this issue. But it is treatable; you can enhance the pine’s size.

  • Treatment:

The male sexual organ can be enhanced by using a variety of methods. Both surgery and medication are effective in these procedures. But it depends on each client’s needs. The Best Sexologist in Dubai can decide the suitability of the procedure.

Night Discharge:

This ejaculation during sleep is brought on by sexual dreams. But it is very common among adolescents and young adults. But as a person ages, it happens less and less. For adults, if it continues to be routine, it leads to many issues.

  • Causes:

The presence of semen in the seminal vesicles is the reason for the nighttime discharge. If there is no sexual activity. The testis fills up since it produces sperm. It may also be related to pornographic viewing.

  • Treatment:

The expert will suggest some lifestyle changes. And also some drugs, along with a few lifestyle adjustments. It can be beneficial. And also, our doctor will make sure there is no underlying illness. That caused the nighttime discharge.

Premature Ejaculation:

When a male partner ejaculates too soon during a sexual act. The woman is left feeling unfulfilled. It can cause uncomfortable circumstances and a lack of confidence. it’s time to visit the physician.

  • Causes:

Stress, depression, and problems in relationships. It can also be caused by early sexual encounters and sexual abuse. It can be connected to erectile dysfunction. Hereditary causes and hormonal issues can also play a role.

  • Treatment:

For premature ejaculation, there are many therapy options. What is best for you can be determined by your doctor. But our sexologist will recommend some medications. To achieve the best outcomes.


The Cost of Sexologists in Dubai is reasonable. It ranges from AED 9,999 to AED 18,999. But these cost estimates are not fixed because they depend on many factors. The expert will decide the cost after analyzing your condition. The following are the cost-influencing factors:

  • The expertise of the expert.
  • The condition of the applicants.
  • The selection of the treatment option.
  • The location of the clinic.

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