Full Waxing Techniques Short Course:

Waxing is a popular way of getting rid of unwanted body hair. We have designed a waxing training course for those who want to learn new skills to safely and successfully perform full-body wax. After completing the course duration the students are able to offer beauty services to their clients by working in any reputed spa or by opening their own salon. Our instructors teach the students both basic and advanced techniques so even if you are new in this field, you can still join this training course. So, hurry up! Become a waxing professional to offer an exceptional wax service to people and make money from it.

What will you Learn from this Course?

People enjoy hair-free life after having a perfect full body wax so the demand for this cosmetic procedure has increased rapidly over the last few years. It has become an important source of income for many males and females. You could also start your career in it by joining our training institute. In the training session, you will be taught how to carry out waxing in the best possible way. You will gain knowledge and master the skills that are needed to give excellent customer service. However, it could take some time before you begin earning a decent amount of money from this business. Practicing waxing on your friends and family after completing the short course can help you make money fast.

Important Components:

  • Master innovative techniques to provide amazing body wax to your clients
  • Learn methods to reduce the risk of ingrown hair, pain, and redness
  • Learn how to remove thick course hair from the sensitive body parts
  • Preparation and post-procedural instructions
  • Understanding skin types and hair texture
  • Learn how to deliver the best results to customers to ensure their satisfaction
  • Contra-indications to waxing techniques
  • Health and hygiene protocols
  • Learning about the products and equipment required for the treatment


Training class of full waxing techniques course will be held at Al-Barsha Heights/Dubai.

Why Should I join this Course?

You could become a waxing specialist by becoming a part of our 1-day full waxing techniques short course. It is an outstanding opportunity for you to turn your passion into a career. The good thing about this short course is that it is ideal for everyone, even beginners can opt for it. After you finish the course, you would be able to wax different areas of the body including bikini line, underarms, lip area, arms, etc. safely and less painfully.

Why us?

Customers choose us because our institute is a leading learning provider in UAE. Students can learn something really extra-ordinary by joining us. We use an approach that combines our understanding of students’ behavior with a commitment to meet their goals.

Book an Appointment:

If you have any questions regarding the training course, feel free to get in touch with us. We are anxiously waiting to help you with your inquiry.