Facial Skincare Course in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Facial Skin Care:

Technological advancements have made it easier for people to achieve glowing, wrinkle-less skin in just a few weeks. The secret behind the glowing skin of many celebrities is effective skin treatments. If you also want to improve the appearance of the skin like they did by eradicating flaws from it, you can visit any cosmetic clinic near you. You can even say goodbye to your stubborn acne, permanently, by considering these procedures.

Facial Skincare Short Courses:

However, you have a better option to obtain flawless, clear, and smooth skin at a reasonable cost. Instead of getting these treatments from experts, you can join our short courses. It is a one-time investment, once after gaining skills you would be ready for treating skin concerns appearing on different skin types and it will also provide you with new and exciting career opportunities.


Becoming a beauty therapist is a dream of many people today. By joining our facial skincare course, you can learn different treatments that are required to improve skin appearance. And even though if you don’t know anything about the procedures, you can still get in touch with us. Over the course, the trainers will teach you all the basic as well as advanced techniques to help you become an expert aesthetician. We have specifically designed these short courses to assist people to develop practical skills in how to provide wonderful results of skin procedures quickly and at low cost. After the course, you would be able to work at any famed or acclaimed salon or could start your own salon.

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Any male or female who is willing to develop skills to start a new career in the aesthetic field can join our short course. In the course, the individual will be taught effective techniques to make the client’s skin neat, clear, and bright. Information on proper skincare routines will also be given to the students. Upon course completion, I can ensure that you would have a better understanding of toning, facials, masking, skin types, cleansing, moisturizing, and resurfacing. So, we can certainly say that investing money in this course won’t be the wrong decision. Also, upon coarse completion, you will be given an accredited certificate of achievement.

Course Units:

Course units of facial skincare training include,

  • Collecting information on skin types and tones
  • Complete salon health, safety, hygiene and protection protocols
  • Contra-indications to skin shedding, exfoliation
  • Skin treatments preparation and aftercare
  • Various facials and toning procedures
  • Client consultation, analysis, and professional conduct
  • Trying skincare procedures on live models
  • Understanding facial anatomy
  • Full guide to color theory
  • Skin extraction, resurfacing and moisturizing


At the end of the course, your final evaluation will be done. The overall performance will be assessed to find out whether you have been successful in training or not. Two basic assessments are done at our institute include,

  1. Formative assessment
  2. Theoretic assessment
  3. Feasible classroom observation


It is a two-day training course. After completing the coarse duration you will be called the accredited skin care practitioner.


The classes of Facial skin care short course will be held at Al-Barsha Heights/Dubai.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training on beauty treatments to the students. You will learn how to provide the best possible outcome for the clients in a comfortable environment. Instructors with 10 years’ work experience will guide you A-Z of facial skincare procedures. We care deeply about your aesthetic goals, but that’s not all. The trainers provide affordable and high-quality learning study materials to the clients so I can assure you that you will learn in an advanced learning platform.