Eyelash Extension Courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Eyelash Extensions:

Lash extensions look exceptionally magnificent. They can transform the eye look and enhance personality in the best manner possible. However, you need to see an expert beautician for this as the carelessness of the practitioner could strongly affect the final outcome. The extensions stay on the eyes for approximately 2 to 3 weeks even so the results can vary. Synthetic eyelashes begin to fall out on their own after about a month but you can enjoy eyelash extensions for a longer period by considering regular fills. If you are interested in eyelash extensions for a fuller look of your eyelashes or want to get the Training on Eyelashes Extension in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, contact us.

How Eyelash Extensions are made?

Eyelash extensions are designed to give a voluminous and fuller look to lashes. They are prepared by combining clusters of two or three synthetic strokes. In the procedure, they are precisely attached to their own lash to create fluttery, sexy, and long eyelash. Our experienced practitioners apply each synthetic strokes one by one to give a natural look.


Eyelash extensions have been a subject of myth for the last many decades, and while some people consider them a bad investment. The biggest myth about eyelash extensions is that they ruin the natural eyelash. But if attached properly, we can ensure that they will not fall out for at least the next two months.


People opt for eyelash extensions for cosmetic reasons. Some important benefits of this cosmetic application include,

  1. Increase the volume of eyelashes to improve the appearance of eyes
  2. Lifts the eyelashes and adds length to them non-invasively
  3. With semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you don’t need to curl or apply mascara on your lashes every day
  4. No heavy machines are needed to enhance the eyes
  5. Eyelash strokes look exceptionally real
  6. Provide you with the curler, longer, and sexier eyelashes for a long way

Eyelash Extension Short Course:

Eligibility & Admission Requirements:

If you are interested in learning new skills to become an expert beautician, consult our trainers. Our academy is a highly honored aesthetic education institute with an established existence in Dubai and Sharjah. By joining our 3-day course of Eyelash extension, you can learn how to correctly apply lash extensions to the eyes. Over the course duration, you will be able to utilize tiny, fine hair strokes to give an illusion of fuller eyelashes. And even if you are a beginner, still you can join us. We can assure you that it is a useful course as it outlines everything you need to know about how to apply for eyelash extensions together with a comfortable environment.

Course Pillars:

The eyelash extension course is designed primarily to serve as an entry roadway to become an expert beautician. It is well suited for those males and females who would like to study aesthetics and are willing to develop prerequisite knowledge. Eyelash extension course units include,

  • Mismatch and off-set calibration
  • Understanding eye anatomy
  • Massive knowledge on different eye types
  • Mastering the use of lash tools to provide natural-looking results
  • Preparation and aftercare
  • Grasp theory and practical of eyebrow procedures
  • Health, safety and hygiene protocols that you need to take into consideration
  • Demonstration and practice on live models
  • Russian and classic eyelashes application procedures

Course Duration:

It is a three-day training course guiding all the theoretical and practical things to people to become an expert beautician. Even if you don’t anything about these synthetic extensions, still you can go for them because our trainers use a step-by-step approach to fully train the students from basics to advanced procedures.

Our Location:

Visiting us for the first time is the first step to our short courses. Our institute is located at Al-Barsha Heights/Dubai.

Book an Appointment:

So, if you require any additional information regarding our Eyelash Extension Courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always here to respond to your queries. Just fill the form or call us to book a free appointment with us.