Titanium Dental Implant Cost in Dubai

We owe a big thanks to dentistry for introducing implants for the replacement of the lost teeth. They are hassle free because they are fixed within the jaw of the bone and they do not require to be taken care of like partial dentures. Among all the types of implants the titanium implants in Dubai are on the lead because of their durability and longer shelf life.  We have summed up a little detail about them so that you can choose them wisely. 

What are The Types Of Replacement Of Missing Teeth? 

  The types of missing teeth used in dentistry are: 

  • partial dentures made of acrylic
  • partial dentures made up of cobalt chromium
  •  the  fixed bridges
  • Complete dentures
  •  Implants

Among all the treatments, the most reliable and long lasting is dental implants that have contributed to the ease of the patient.  Keeping the benefits in mind, titanium implant cost in Dubai is slightly greater than the other implants. 

How Are Titanium Dental Implants Placed In The Mouth? 

The surgical placement of implants is a very complex procedure. The dentist needs to be constantly alert while placing them. The reason behind it is that a single error made can lead to the entire destruction of the treatment , therefore we have a team of highly skillful professionals and surgeons that work in the placement of titanium dental implants. The procedure begins with the dentist taking the initial consultation of the patient. The dentist will examine the oral cavity and the socket which is to be replaced with the dental implant.

Once the dentist has thoroughly examined the socket titanium screw retained implant will be drilled within the bone and placed in it.Iit will be tightened and will be leftover for healing and fusion with the bone of the jaw.

It ideally takes about six months approximately for the screw retained in the jaw to fuse within the bone.When the surgeon has confirmed that the screw is completely merged within the bone then the porcelain crown is tightened over the screw. 

The dentist then checks whether the implant is completely functional or not and is coping up well with the oral cavity.

 What Is The Cost Of  Titanium Implant In Dubai?

The titanium implant cost in Dubai is based on the procedural complexity and the number of professional and specialized surgeons involved.

Why Are Titanium Implants Better Than The Other?

 The first and foremost reason for titanium implant to be the best is its durability and bio compatibility with the oral cavity. The  implant does not rust unlike other screw retained implants.Secondly, they have enough strength to bear the forces of the mouth.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Titanium Implants?


  •  Titanium implants are very rigid
  •  Boost confidence while smiling
  •  improve the facial aesthetics and profile
  •  are biocompatible and do not rust


  •  can be infectious if not placed by skillful surgeons
  •  may take time for the adjustment and chewing

 Who Are The Right Candidates For Titanium Dental Implants?

  •  Patients who are young and can withstand surgery
  •  Patients who don’t want to take the hassle of partial dentures
  •  patients with good bone height
  •  patients with single or multiple missing teeth

The Final Verdict!

Since your teeth are precious pearls, Dynamic Clinic believe that you should take good care of them; however , there are multiple reasons that contribute to their loss. Their loss can be fulfilled by a titanium implant in Dubai.It is one of the leading methods of teeth replacement and has benefited many candidates . You can call us or book an appointment if you want to know about the cost related details of titanium implants.