The Impact of Breast Reduction Surgery

The impact of breast reduction surgery:

It is major surgery and most of the time requires an overnight stay at the hospital. Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a plastic surgery designed to help those women who are not happy with the size of their big breasts. Complications can occur but if a qualified surgeon is performing it, I ensure there will be no complications during and after the surgery. You can also consider it if you have asymmetrical breasts. Talk to an expert surgeon, inform him about the results you are expecting, ask him about benefits, results, complications associated with the procedure, and then make the right decision.

Is breast reduction surgery worth it?

It is a complex surgery and requires great expertise of the surgeon. Breast reduction is very effective, it improves the self-image and increases the body self-confidence. By this outstanding surgery, you can get your boobs reshaped in any size and shape you want. During the operation, excess tissue, fat, and skin are eliminated from the breasts to reduce their size so, from the surgery, you can get smaller, smoother, and symmetrical boobs. It will also solve the problem of neck and shoulder pain that you were having because of heavy breasts. Keep your expectations from the operation realistic and practical.

Because it is complex and huge t it might cost you hundreds of dirhams but the results you achieve are totally worth it. It involves downtime and a long recovery period so it must be your personal decision of having it because you are one whose life is going to be affected for a few months.

Am I suitable for the surgery?

If you are upset because of the shape and size of your large breast then you can undergo breast reduction surgery in Dubai. This plastic surgery comes with many benefits but only an ideal candidate is capable of enjoying them. So before the surgery, make sure you fulfill the candidacy criteria of breast reduction surgery. You are an ideal candidate if,

  • You do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • You do not have any other life-threatening illness.
  • You do not currently breastfeed your child.
  • Your large breasts are affecting your active life-style.
  • Your breasts sweat a lot or if they cause excessive irritation or itching.
  • You are experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain because of the physical burden.

Impact on breastfeeding:

This aspect of the surgery is still unclear, research is being done on it. A few decades earlier, some women reported that they were unable to breastfeed their child but now surgeons use modern techniques that are very helpful in preserving the function of lactation-related.

What can you expect after having breast mammoplasty?

The recovery of breast surgery is long and special. After the surgery, you will be provided with several important instructions that you need to follow carefully and properly and if you don’t you are going to face many serious complications. The most important thing you need to do it to wear surgical bra throughout the day for at least a month after the surgery. This will help in supporting the new size and shape of the boobs.

You will notice soreness, tenderness, and swelling in your chest but it can be controlled by medications and anti-biotic, use them as per the instructions of your surgeon. In rare cases, scarring also occurs, scars fade over time but they don’t completely go away so make your decision carefully. In the follow-up sessions, your stitches will be removed and recovery will be assessed.