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As far as our health is concerned, one of the major factors affecting it is our diet. What we take in has a big impact on overall health. This is why it is important to watch what you eat because it can either render you strong and sporty or weak and obese. Once you gain weight, you are prone to other health issues as well. Therefore, it is essential, stress the word essential, to have a balanced diet, with all the portions properly divided. For this purpose, there are some of the Best Dieticians in Dubai that will help you lose weight if you consider yourself overweight.

Who is a Dietician?

A dietician is a person who will guide you in living a healthy lifestyle in terms of your diet. A dietician not only devises a diet plan for you but will also help you lose weight through behavioral therapy. After assessing your health, a dietician will make a health plan best suited for your health that encompasses all the needed nutrients. Many who have people opt for dieticians are quite happy with the results since dieticians are certified/qualified experts and can even treat a sick person.

Who is a Nutritionist?

The job of a nutritionist is almost the same as a dietician. A nutritionist, however, is more likely to work on people who are already healthy or slightly unwell. However, since all this is subjective, you need to see who works well for you. Therefore, quite a sizable number of people go to Nutritionists for weight loss.

You will find some of the best nutritionists in Dubai at our clinic.

A Dietician or Nutritionist: Who is More Helpful in Losing Weight?

Although Nutritionists and dieticians both can help you in losing weight, it is considered that a registered dietician might be the best option for you if you want to combat excessive weight. As mentioned above, a dietician is medically equipped with all the tools to devise a diet plan for you while performing behavioral therapy to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle.

The health plan that your dietician gives you is targeted not only at the diet that you can take to reduce weight but also at the ‘how’ of achieving the set goals. While you are following the plan, your dietician will keep checking on the progress that you make and assessing your health as well. In most countries, the classification between a dietician and a nutritionist is not very strict. Either of them can perform the same function. Having said everything, the important thing is to see what will work best for your health. There is a chance that a dietician may work best for someone, while a nutritionist works well for you. A nutritionist will also make sure that you intake all the necessary nutrients for you that will help you reduce weight and be fit.

Your Responsibility:

All stats point to the fact that the responsibility to lose weight lies majorly over you. All dieticians and nutritionists have agreed to this that your willpower has the main part to play. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you are expected to follow all the guidelines that your dietician gives you. Unfortunately, you cannot lose weight like magic. It needs hard work to get rid of excess weight without having to compromise on health.

Benefits of Consulting a Dietician/Nutritionist:

There are various benefits to wanting to lose weight by visiting a dietician/nutritionist.

  •         There are no risks attached.
  •         You lose weight in a healthy way.
  •         Other underlying conditions are treated.
  •         You can feel healthy generally.
  •         A proper diet will freshen your skin.
  •         You will remain youthful.
  •         You can combat other health risks when you have a proper diet.

When Do You Need a Dietician?

There are some indications through which you can identify when you need a dietician/nutritionist. The following are some:

  •         If you are overweight or underweight.
  •         If you have already gone through surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery and want to manage your weight.
  •         If you suffer from conditions affecting any other part of the body.
  •         If you need help with breastfeeding.
  •         If you want to manage your weight.

Weight Loss Clinic Dubai:

Dubai is a big city where you can find treatments for all your problems. Likewise, if you are looking for a Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai, you can find plenty. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, you will find some of the best nutritionists and well as the best dietician in Dubai that will help you lose weight in non-surgical and healthier ways.

As far as the cost is concerned, the best nutritionist’s cost in Dubai varies according to the doctor that you choose. It is a nutritionist that can tell you the exact cost of the health plan and their fees combined. Therefore, although we cannot tell you about the fixed price of the Best Nutritionist in Dubai, we can inform you about the cost of Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic. A nutritionist at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic will cost you around AED 400 for a consultation, test, and diet plan combined, while a follow-up consultation, test, and updated diet plan combined will cost you AED 250. Likewise, if you only consult our dietician/nutritionist for a test along with a small consultation, it will cost you around AED 150.

In conclusion, the best nutritionists in Dubai cost differently according to the type of consultation that you are trying to seek as well as the fees a surgeon intends to cost you.

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