Removing the Gastric Balloon: What to Expect During and After?

Being overweight and obese and becoming an increasingly worrisome problem in today’s day of age. Wherever you look, the majority of the people are suffering from health issues that are caused by excessive weight. For example, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. Being overweight can also harm a person’s mental health, as they continue to remain a target of societal torment and ridicule, which makes them depressed and feel insecure about their body.

There are several ways an individual can become physically fit, which include exercise and diets, medications, and different kinds of surgical and non-surgical procedures. However, diet and exercise demand a lot of time and effort from a person, and it is also necessary for them to remain motivated throughout their journey. On the other hand, taking medications can cause further harm to a person’s health, because of the side effects that they contain. On the bright side, the non-surgical procedure of Gastric Balloon in Dubai has changed the weight loss game forever. By providing efficient and quick results to the patients.

Find out more information about what happens after the gastric balloon has been removed from a body and how much it costs, through this insightful article.

How does the Gastric balloon procedure work?

the Weight Loss Clinic in Dubai that offers the treatment ensures that it is carried out effectively, by an experienced doctor. The procedure is performed under sedation through an endoscopic process, where a doctor uses light and a thin tube known as an endoscope, which has a camera attached to it. The function of the camera is to give the doctor a clear picture of what is present in the stomach. Once the doctor has a clear overview of what they are dealing with, they attach an empty gastric balloon to a tube and then insert it in the stomach, 2 cm above the gastro esophageal junction. Once the balloon is positioned correctly in the stomach, it is then filled with saline solution, after which the endoscope is removed from the stomach, and the balloon is left behind for 6 to 12 months.

How is the balloon removed from the stomach?

Similar to when the balloon is being first placed into the stomach when it comes to its time of removal, the patient is sedated, and then the endoscopic equipment is again used by the doctor to draw out all the saline solution from the balloon, and then to remove the deflated gastric balloon from the stomach, through the mouth. The procedure is quite easy to conduct, and therefore only takes around 30 minutes to be completed, after which the patient is free to leave and continue with their daily routine.

What happens after the balloon is removed from the stomach?

The gastric balloon is considered a temporary procedure to make a person lose weight. It does not make a person lose weight the conventional way, but it helps give the journey a head start. The procedure helps a person make changes in their daily routine and follow a healthy path, especially when the substance is removed permanently from the body. The person doesn’t need to keep off the weight that they lost, as if they indulge back in their old unhealthy habits, it would not be possible to do so.

How much does the treatment cost?

Gastric Balloon cost in Dubai depends on several factors such as the expertise of the doctor, the location of the clinic, and the amount of weight needed to be lost. Typically, the price of the treatment varies between AED 12000 to AED 18000.

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