Redermalization Treatment Cost In Dubai

Everyone in this era is beauty conscious because the beauty trend is growing rapidly. We spent a lot of our time, focus, and money to stay young and beautiful, but we are still unsuccessful due to multiple factors. As we age, our skin becomes dull and saggy due to a lack of collagen production. The sun’s rays badly damage our epidermis and cause pigmentation and sunspots. If you are also suffering from that kind of issue and want to enhance your look to make you more confident then here is a complete solution,  Redermalization Treatment in Dubai is an advanced, innovative technique for skin regeneration and age-effective prevention. If you want to know about the cost, procedure, and benefits, keep reading.

Aims of the Treatment:

It is a wholly original method that tries to renormalize the upper layer of skin to restore it. During the procedure, Hyaluronic Acid and succinic acid solutions are utilized. The well-known chemical hyaluronic acid has a special capacity to bind water and moisturize the skin. The body naturally produces succinic acid, which is utilized in a variety of vital metabolic activities. Particularly substantial regeneration effects on cells and their metabolism, including antioxidant activities, are some of its most crucial cell-based functions. It is primarily intended to enhance skin quality, regenerate certain indications of aging, eliminate excess pigmentation, shorten recovery time, have anti-inflammatory properties, and stimulate the production of collagen.


This procedure effectively rejuvenates the expression of skin tone. It is a multi-functional therapy that can facilitate you in the following ways:

  • This procedure stimulates elastin and collagen production.
  • It decreases skin pigmentation.
  • This treatment reverses aging symptoms.
  • It enhances skin texture and tone and minimizes Dark Circles.
  • It is a nonsurgical and side-effect-free procedure.
  • This treatment is very efficient in minimizing stretch marks, blemishes, fine lines, and creases.


Redermalization in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a simple, rapid process that takes very little time to finish. By actively preventing free radicals, restoring the water balance, and controlling cells’ metabolic activities, the therapy acts in three directions at once. Even if the treatment is efficient, it takes more than one session to see a difference. Usually, it takes 6 treatments to get the desired outcomes. The methodical steps are as follows:

  • The practitioner uses a topical lotion to numb the treatment area before beginning the operation.
  • It aids in preventing discomfort or suffering during the process.
  • They use a cannula or a micro-needling tool to inject the Xela Rederm mixture into the skin after numbing the treatment region.
  • After injecting the solution, the expert will gently massage the targeted area for equal distribution of the solution.
  • That leads to collagen stimulation, which gives a fresh and youthful look to your skin.


The professional will advise you to follow the after-process care guidance for spectacular results even if this therapy doesn’t require any significant follow-up:

  • After the treatment, stay out of the sun as much as possible.
  • Avoid using saunas, steam rooms, and sunbeds for at least a couple of days after the treatment.
  • Don’t exercise too hard or work out too much.
  • Applicants must regularly use prescription medications.
  • Stop touching the side that has been injected.
  • In case of itching and redness apply an ice compressor to the injected side.


The Cost of Renormalization treatment in Dubai is affordable and ranges between AED 1,500 and AED 5,500. The final cost of the therapy is influenced by several factors, some of which are covered here. Before calculating the price, the dermatologist or skin specialist considers all these things.

Cost-Influential Factors:

The factors listed below are crucial in figuring out how much the procedure will cost:

Selection of the Injectables:

Each injection has a different specialty and function, which explains why various injections have varied prices. The kind of injections the skin specialist administers also affects the expense.

Targeted Area:

The length of the area that will receive injections As the number of injection sites grows so does the cost of the process, if your targeted side is in very severe and tense condition then you will require extra dosage which can influence the expenses.

Expected Result:

The dermatologist plans the complete treatment plan to meet the patient’s objectives. The amount, type, and composition of the injections can affect the expenses.

Sessions Requirement:

Because one session is insufficient to achieve the effects. You must attend several sessions to achieve the desired results. If more sessions are required to get the desired result, the cost will rise.

Location of the Clinic:

As a highly reputable clinic delivers effective results and charges more than a local clinic, the cost of the services offered by the clinic will be higher if it is located in a posh area.

Condition of the Patient:

The applicant’s current state is a critical factor in treatment planning. As a result, before developing a treatment strategy, the skin specialist carefully evaluates the patient’s current condition.

The Expertise of the Expert:

The full cost of the therapy is influenced by the dermatologist’s experience and proficiency in carrying out the process because skilled doctors produce excellent results.

Insurance Coverage:

Insurance providers have a reputation for covering operations essential to a person’s health and well-being. The cost of skin renormalization treatments is often not covered because they fall under the category of cosmetic treatments.

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